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Bold and the Lovely – Opening Credits – June 2007

The opening credits for Bold and the Stunning.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Bold and the Lovely – Opening Credits – June 2007”

  1. NyulaRaeGlamour says:

    i actually like this one then the old one ( just my opinion) i like the music in this one the model

  2. fairydreamergirl says:

    Who is the model in the opening!? She’s gorgeous! *0*

  3. vortons says:

    these credits suck so much. check out the old ones!

  4. asiunia1989 says:

    @Herjan1 Dionne Warwick “High Upon This Love”

  5. hcvang says:

    wow…. so fucking BORING when compared to the original intro… why on earth did they ever change that masterpiece?

  6. robertsnowden19 says:

    I like the old theme song much better

  7. Herjan1 says:

    What is the completely name of this song??

  8. vashottest says:

    @gct89 NO DRAMA? ARe we seriously watching the same soap? Y&R has the most drama of ANY soap I’ve ever seen. IT’s just not as obvious as the other crappy soaps. A lot of their tension is understated and more realistic…

  9. sailorwinxgirl says:

    i love ridge he’s hot!


    Constantine creepy paedo?

  11. oh2dawhat says:

    @Stefffylove that is just a rumour I heard I’m not that sure, but you know alot of gay people have kids, so it doesn’t matter, I still like her as an actress. GEEEEZZZZZZ!

  12. Stefffylove says:

    @oh2dawhat Then how come Susan Flannery has a daughter?, How could that have happened if SF was a lesbian? GEEZZ

  13. kotulski7 says:


    ten caly constantine 0.18 wyglada jak wampir

    ale i tak nie dorowna edwardowi cullenowi^^ ;PP

    pzdr. :D DD

    I <3 B&B openigi ;***

  14. nycmoviemaker says:

    Wow, this could be an ad for a plastic surgeon! So-o-o many bad nose jobs and plumped up lips in one place boggles the mind!

  15. nednickerson23 says:

    The song is
    High Upon my love

  16. SunilCarris says:

    what’s the name of the song? i heard it is an actual song. help anyone? :)

  17. NemicoTenebre says:

    Ah, yes. This was around the time when Eileen (Ashley) was still on B&B before returning to Y&R. Kinda forgot about that since I rarely watch B&B. I agree, there’s too much sex and most of the acting is a bit overexaggerated. *sigh* But the openings have always been really good.

  18. Ahmedabdelreheem says:

    What’s the most “outrageous” event this show got ?

  19. oh2dawhat says:

    lol this is the most watched SOAPIE in the WORLD I love it it’s the best! Brooke’s so beautiful! She’s the most exiting character always have been the main character to me she rocks! Stephanie is a lesbian in real life lol!

  20. vichy56 says:

    MacKenzie Mauzy ( phoebe) is so cute & pretty..!! still watch the show.!

  21. LukeBasarab says:

    O__o’ I truly hate Bold and the Beautiful, but this opening sequence is SO GOOD and could almost watch the show

  22. betoayr197 says:

    the spanish soap operas have always been better than the english ones, at least in the spanish ones, theres drama, violence, mystery and many times some horror

  23. KingNube says:

    My mom likes it

  24. TheEquestrianContest says:

    soo, why are u watching this dumbass?!

  25. KingNube says:

    Worst show ever! Too much SEX

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