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Bold and the Beautiful – Opening Credits – June 2007

The opening credits for Bold and the Beautiful.

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25 Responses to “Bold and the Beautiful – Opening Credits – June 2007”

  1. vortons says:

    these credits suck so much. check out the old ones!

  2. asiunia1989 says:

    @Herjan1 Dionne Warwick “High Upon This Love”

  3. hcvang says:

    wow…. so fucking BORING when compared to the original intro… why on earth did they ever change that masterpiece?

  4. robertsnowden19 says:

    I like the old theme song much better

  5. Herjan1 says:

    What is the completely name of this song??

  6. vashottest says:

    @gct89 NO DRAMA? ARe we seriously watching the same soap? Y&R has the most drama of ANY soap I’ve ever seen. IT’s just not as obvious as the other crappy soaps. A lot of their tension is understated and more realistic…

  7. sailorwinxgirl says:

    i love ridge he’s hot!


    Constantine creepy paedo?

  9. oh2dawhat says:

    @Stefffylove that is just a rumour I heard I’m not that sure, but you know alot of gay people have kids, so it doesn’t matter, I still like her as an actress. GEEEEZZZZZZ!

  10. Stefffylove says:

    @oh2dawhat Then how come Susan Flannery has a daughter?, How could that have happened if SF was a lesbian? GEEZZ

  11. kotulski7 says:


    ten caly constantine 0.18 wyglada jak wampir

    ale i tak nie dorowna edwardowi cullenowi^^ ;PP

    pzdr. :D DD

    I <3 B&B openigi ;***

  12. nycmoviemaker says:

    Wow, this could be an ad for a plastic surgeon! So-o-o many bad nose jobs and plumped up lips in one place boggles the mind!

  13. nednickerson23 says:

    The song is
    High Upon my love

  14. SunilCarris says:

    what’s the name of the song? i heard it is an actual song. help anyone? :)

  15. NemicoTenebre says:

    Ah, yes. This was around the time when Eileen (Ashley) was still on B&B before returning to Y&R. Kinda forgot about that since I rarely watch B&B. I agree, there’s too much sex and most of the acting is a bit overexaggerated. *sigh* But the openings have always been really good.

  16. Ahmedabdelreheem says:

    What’s the most “outrageous” event this show got ?

  17. oh2dawhat says:

    lol this is the most watched SOAPIE in the WORLD I love it it’s the best! Brooke’s so beautiful! She’s the most exiting character always have been the main character to me she rocks! Stephanie is a lesbian in real life lol!

  18. vichy56 says:

    MacKenzie Mauzy ( phoebe) is so cute & pretty..!! still watch the show.!

  19. LukeBasarab says:

    O__o’ I truly hate Bold and the Beautiful, but this opening sequence is SO GOOD and could almost watch the show

  20. betoayr197 says:

    the spanish soap operas have always been better than the english ones, at least in the spanish ones, theres drama, violence, mystery and many times some horror

  21. KingNube says:

    My mom likes it

  22. TheEquestrianContest says:

    soo, why are u watching this dumbass?!

  23. KingNube says:

    Worst show ever! Too much SEX

  24. aleksiej91 says:

    no prosze, jednak nie zabili Felicji… a ci amerykańce to rzeczywiście traktują ten serial poważnie?

  25. AsIFly says:

    seriously when is this show going to end?
    actors who chose to act on that show, literally destroyed their careers as they didnt play in anything else apart from that soap opera.

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