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BOBBY SHERMAN – “Easy Come, Easy Go” (1970)

It continues to baffle me why bubblegum music is ignored by oldies stations. It is as if they want to rewrite pop music history. This charted #9 on Billboard. That is not sufficient of a hit?
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25 Responses to “BOBBY SHERMAN – “Easy Come, Easy Go” (1970)”

  1. malachaisaac says:

    OMG i love him sooo much! I was so excited the other day when he was on The Monkees and The Partridge Family in one day!

  2. hiseyes says:

    i sure had a crush on him!

  3. MrTrashcan1 says:

    @emerybayblues No, he’s not in law enforcement. He’s an EMT.

  4. emerybayblues says:

    I was born in 1968 so I didnt know about him growing up. But several years ago VH1 did a count down of the greatest teen idols ever and Bobby Sherman was right in there with David Cassiday and company. Went on to be successful in law enforcement & just sounds like an all around decent good guy. He’s the type of teen idol that you don’t hear about because he didn’t embarras himself or get into scandal after his idol years were over.

  5. kittysusca says:


  6. glennrickard323573 says:

    @MrTrashcan1 UPDATE: Out of 93 voters, 90 of them liked this video and only 3 disliked it as of 7/26/2011…In other words 38 more ‘likes’ and only 1 more ‘dislike’…And, also, as of 7/26/2011, just over 34,000 people viewed this video, with the vast majority of the comments positive! Most people, unlike ’7mikethebike’, believe >99% of today’s ‘music’ doesn’t measure up to the music created in the 1950′s through the early 1990′s…Anyway, a great song which is underrated.

  7. MostExtremeStuff says:

    @7mikethebike My mom F-ing loves him! I don’t know why!

  8. furpurr says:

    @7mikethebike then why are you even on a page playing one of his songs, if you dislike him so much?? that sure makes you seem quite petty & childish, doesn’t it. :)

  9. greenpilgrim50 says:

    thanx for posting this video

  10. cali12378 says:

    i used to be in love with him baack in the day i was aroung 11 and david cassidy and donny osmond to me this is music what is he up to these days

  11. punkie550 says:

    This was the best easy listening music that needs to be heard more amen!!!!!!!!

  12. furpurr says:

    @teddibearsworld no no…you simply have a great memory! ;)

  13. furpurr says:

    @ShamWasBetter on what do you base all of these allegations?? because this is the first i’ve personally ever heard ANY of it…& i sure ain’t no spring chicken!! :D

  14. therills says:

    The first 45 I ever bought…you gotta love youtube!

  15. excelsior544 says:

    Using this to learn song for our OLD high school rock band to render for our reunion this October. All in FUN!! Ignore uncharitable comments. Key of E, BTW.

  16. SAOProductions1955 says:

    @7mikethebike – Just lighten up and take a chill pill and quit taking yourself so damn seriously. Nobody else does when you talk like this.

  17. SAOProductions1955 says:

    @7mikethebike – Just lighten up and take a chill pill and quit taking yourself so damn seriously. Nobody else does.

  18. SAOProductions1955 says:

    @7mikethebike Take a chill pill.

  19. LightningChimp says:

    Thanks for posting one of the best songs about bad relationships ever performed, and don’t let loudmouth narcissistic conspiracy theorists ruin your day!

  20. ShamWasBetter says:

    @unitas1919 Did you know that Johnny Untitas was a Gay love interest of Bobby Sherman?They met through their mutual born again bisexual friend Roman Gabriel who was playing tight end for bothe Bobby Sherman and Johnny Unitas.

  21. 7mikethebike says:

    @MrTrashcan1 I don’t have ‘a channel’ and I don’t know how you saw what you saw- I watched that video, and I did not recommend it to anyone. Having said that- I didn’t think Earth was anywhere near the lameness of bobby Sherman..Bobby Sherman is bubble gum pop music- if you like it, knock yourse3lf out- I just think it is lame- along with many many other listeners.

  22. MrTrashcan1 says:

    @7mikethebike I just checked out your channel and found a clip that you called “not bad at all.” It’s the group, Earth, singing “High Command.” Talk about vile tripe (and it’s tripe, not tribe). Pure garbage–just noise and sound. This is your idea of “mature” music that we should grow into? Your stupid comments mean nothing here because you clearly have no idea what music is. Go back into your hole and listen to your dreck and leave us alone. What a joke.

  23. 7mikethebike says:

    most people ‘grow out of’ this lame ass type of music. Some people confuse sentimentality and nostalgia with quality, and start defending the quality of the music, and THAT is a losing battle. Think about it- a studio full of first rate session muscicians and the song still sucks. Because it is tin pan alley crap, made by the same vile tribe that produces most of the filth which is called media .

  24. peterzang says:

    @7mikethebike And why are on this page? Get your kicks stomping on peoples’ dreams? Go away Dick.

  25. unitas1919 says:

    I always thought music brings everyone pleasure….so if you like this type or not, alot of folks do. If you enjoy something else, thats cool. I Dont think making negative remarks helps anyone understand someones music likes!!

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