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Bob Newhart roasts Don Rickles

Dean Martin Roast

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25 Responses to “Bob Newhart roasts Don Rickles”

  1. diamondgirl828 says:

    Telly Savalas?? WOW, what a blast from the past!!

  2. Vyselink says:

    “Don’s show got a -4 Nielsen rating. Which means that nobody watched the show, and a few people who didn’t have televisions, when told about the show, said if they got one they wouldn’t want it” LMFAO

  3. STNeish says:

    I love how Don is killing himself laughing there. The man can dish it out, it’s nice to see he can take it too!

  4. MrWorminater says:

    @thecrazedgunman1 Bob

  5. thecrazedgunman1 says:

    @MrWorminater Bob or Don?

  6. lespaul354 says:

    pure dead pan comedy this guy !!!!

  7. arslkhalid1984 says:

    Man the -4 rating was hilarious

  8. son8of8vazkor says:

    @KaptKan1 Yeah, Bob really had a way. One of the greats and his TV work was top notch. Master of the dry understatement.

  9. son8of8vazkor says:

    @MrWorminater Cool.

  10. petitbon17 says:

    @MaguindanaoBoy spot….reading the cue card as if a novice

  11. MaguindanaoBoy says:

    Bob Newhart’s spo**??? What’s he say first?

  12. 402384451 says:

    preparation H, lmao

  13. KaptKan1 says:

    The great Bob Newhart! He can be funnier in a “low key” manner than anyone in the world!

  14. Kris100ish says:

    Just think, most all these guys are dead now. Great comedy performers!

  15. Lejendary2 says:

    This guy is fucking hilarious

  16. JustTrollingAround says:

    you had something in your teeth.

  17. TheAuntiechris says:

    i sw you at the airport in Montreal and you kept staring at me

  18. MrWorminater says:

    I’ve meet him. He’s my great grandpa’s first cousin, he is quite a guy. Just thought I’d let ya know.

  19. 71259mark says:

    Those are some funny guys!

  20. xenafan234 says:

    Bob your are the Best!

  21. SoniaRose71 says:

    they are both best friends , have been for many many years

  22. flowertrue says:

    my god he looks so young

  23. filmmekker says:

    @canadianroot Bob Newhart’s spot. I believe he was reading the cuecard.

  24. canadianroot says:

    Bob Newhart’s what? (opening line)

  25. avidvids says:


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