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bob newhart air traffic controller.avi

Scene from Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Bob Newhart does a bit about being an air targeted traffic controller
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25 Responses to “bob newhart air traffic controller.avi”

  1. bobzani says:

    He was a giant in 50s-60s TV.

  2. shiksehsno1 says:

    A different variation from his famous one sided phone conversations which made him a celebrity.

  3. bjh1960 says:

    Absolutely hysterical, pure genius comedy from a high quality man!

  4. z250B says:

    Bob is a character actor.

  5. zsezse215 says:

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  6. legendaryicecream says:

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  7. krisam1231 says:

    this is a must listen. find more from him, especially the driver instructor. enjoy

  8. guitarman049 says:

    @wantsomecoffee This was from the Smother’s Brothers Show, so it was probably sometime around 1968…1969 or that vicinity.

  9. wantsomecoffee says:

    uhm, was this recorded recently? i mean, with air traffic controllers in the news for napping, it could have been! LOL. great stuff. love newhart.

  10. WSenator1 says:

    This looks like it was done before his classic “Bob Newhart Show” in the early 70s. The best comedy never dates. Haven’t there been news about ATC’s in the news recently. . .?

  11. jonnyk5614 says:

    3 people don’t get it lol

  12. catholicpriest1 says:

    That looks suspiciously like the headphones that cameramen and studio floor directors wore in the 1960s.

  13. utar88utar says:


  14. legendaryicecream says:

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  15. letsbeone says:

    @thecyberdudeguy Man? What? He said ‘dick’!

  16. andyjay729 says:

    Yeah, a day of doing that nonstop with barely any breaks would burn me out pretty quick. No wonder they’re falling asleep at the switch.

  17. TheMemphisSlim says:

    Nice booty, very nice. I would have followed her around the mall.

  18. t3golf says:

    Haha… my dad was ATC and I grew up at the tower. (couldn’t do that now) Great times.

  19. Hieronymous69 says:

    Thanks for uploading this. Can anyone upload the sketch about the unexploded bomb? Unfortunately my version is on vinyl.

  20. Jumbo5611 says:

    Yeah, me too.. for 30 years… and it’s miserable folks like you who take themselves too seriously that make our job more of a job and less of a vocation.
    Chill out mate and try laughing at yourself now and again!.

  21. knight6792 says:

    Always a great comic his bit about Walter Raleigh is just as good

  22. binty01 says:

    As always great to hear more comedy by this funny funny guy. Brings back memories of listening to him on the radio. Jacqui in Scotland.

  23. mazak6811 says:

    He’s FUNNY!

  24. tankeduponalcohol says:

    Damn! I think I just wet myself laughing!

  25. rpsmom says:

    Good ol fashioned comedy that stands the test of time and right – no cursing! Bob Newheart best comic ever I think, SMART.

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