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Blakes 7 – Terminal – 1 of 6

1 of my favourite episodes of Blake’s 7, a British sci-fi series that had a four-year run in the early 80s. “Terminal” is Episode 39, the last episode of the third season, notable because throughout this episode the crew – what was left of “Blake’s 7″ and a couple of new men and women – traveled in their loyal ship The Liberator for the last time. I apologize for some quality defects in the video. This is a digitized copy of a very old video tape, but it will have to do until we can get the series on DVD.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Blakes 7 – Terminal – 1 of 6”

  1. ion010101 says:

    @landmind666 bbc programming these days targets the Vicky Pollard audience.

  2. landmind666 says:

    i miss the days when they had this on pbs right before doctor who. now to watch bbc programing i have to have cable or satalite and pay out the butt

  3. bisbald69 says:

    the greatest eps on tv,if it was not so then the bbc would have play it to death likes there sopes

  4. MrShakin says:

    @doctorw2 Agreed – Avon realy did make this interesting.
    Blake provided the original storyline at least, but Avon (and the rest) provided the interesting stuff.
    I loved B7, but the story got a bit tiring eventually just backwards and forwards with Servalan.
    Shame they killed it off with such a really poor last episode.

  5. elektrosoundwave says:

    Thank God PBS broadcasted this Stateside in the late 1980′s. I was 9 when this aired in South Carolina and hearing Zen say “I have failed you” tore my heart out. Awesome show that does NOT need a remake, imo. It does need a proper DVD release however.

  6. rojblake82 says:

    I think if this episode had ended Blake’s 7 for good we the fans, would have never learnt if what arch enemy Servalan told Avon about Blake dying from his wounds o the planet Jevron were true or not. It is a common assumption Servalan was lying but there are possibilities, that the Blake clone from weapon in series two could have been the Blake that died on Jevron. I don’t think I can buy the theories the Blake in Blake, was a clone like the two seen in weapon I suppose anything is possible.

  7. doctorw2 says:

    @blairmonster oh of course but, they all pale in comparison to avon.

  8. blairmonster says:

    @doctorw2 Sure but there has to be other charactors to work from eh?

  9. rojblake82 says:

    I personally think this episode was very sad , particularly as fans like myself learnt that the Blake Avon encountered on Terminal was an illusion and not the real thing at all. I know that many fans have specualated the Blake, clone from series two’s episode weapon could have been the Blake who according to arch-enemy Servalan said died on the planet Jevron from serious wounds. It has been often believed Servalan was lying, but nobody can really say, it could have been a Blake clone on jevron.

  10. Bazzmann44 says:

    mooie serie uit de 70′s, ik keek er altijd na.

  11. jlmww says:

    “spelling Nazi” Oh, I think I understand your objection to what you call “liberals” a bit better now: You’re ignorant, and you hate anyone who reminds you of it.

  12. Scum71succer says:

    @prudence00 gawd no I hate them to.

  13. Scum71succer says:

    @jlmww gawd and a spelling nazi aswel lol jeez your a easy mark.

  14. jlmww says:

    Personally, I hate people to use loaded words like “freedom.” It’s like the word “love”: everyone is in favour of it, but they conveniently ignore the fact that they’re all using slightly or grossly different definitions of it.

    And to pedantically score some cheap points at your expense, the word is spelled “epiphany,” but I think the word you were after was “epitome,” meaning the highest or best example.

  15. prudence00 says:

    So it’s fine for political theorists to use the word ‘realist’ even if they aren’t necessarily any more realistic than liberals? Or for American Republicans and Democrats to use the two aforementioned words even though both parties tend to use the same tactics to get elected?

  16. Scum71succer says:

    @prudence00 bah liberal’s abusing the word for freedom for political ends…………the epifany of wrong.

  17. jlmww says:

    Calling you a realist wasn’t at all political. I was just making a slight joke about you being realistic about their flying around the fluid, which – realistically – they could have done but which – plotwise – they couldn’t have done.

  18. prudence00 says:

    Actually I’m an international liberal. Mostly.

  19. jlmww says:

    Oh, you realist, you!

  20. prudence00 says:

    You know they could just fly Over or Below the fluid.

  21. agamemnon419 says:

    Please release Blake’s 7 in Region 1 DVD format !!!

  22. agamemnon419 says:

    Please release Blake’s 7 in Region 1 format !!!

  23. Randkor says:

    Oh yes… remember me, little child with eyes wide opened :) )

  24. KaitainCPS says:

    This was originally written on the assumption that it MIGHT be the final episode. Only later did the Beeb decide to commission a fourth series. (The day this was broadcast, in fact.)
    It probably would have been better if this WERE the last episode. The fourth series had a few good eps, but it was a bit of a mess, and the characters didn’t seem to have any real motivation.

  25. KaitainCPS says:

    And so sad that Zen’s final words are: “I have failed you…”

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