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Blakes 7 – Terminal – 1 of 6

One of my favourite episodes of Blake’s 7, a British sci-fi series that had a four-year run in the early 80s. “Terminal” is Episode 39, the last episode of the third season, notable because during this episode the crew – what was left of “Blake’s 7″ and a couple of new people – traveled in their loyal ship The Liberator for the last time. I apologize for some quality defects in the video. This is a digitized copy of a very old video tape, but it will have to do until we can get the series on DVD.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Blakes 7 – Terminal – 1 of 6”

  1. KaitainCPS says:

    This was originally written on the assumption that it MIGHT be the final episode. Only later did the Beeb decide to commission a fourth series. (The day this was broadcast, in fact.)
    It probably would have been better if this WERE the last episode. The fourth series had a few good eps, but it was a bit of a mess, and the characters didn’t seem to have any real motivation.

  2. KaitainCPS says:

    And so sad that Zen’s final words are: “I have failed you…”

  3. randomdave30 says:

    Cally was gorgeous

  4. jlmww says:

    I remember watching it on a Dallas television station in the mid 80s.

  5. 979708 says:

    Any Amercians out there who have seen, or even know of, Blake’s 7?
    When did it reach your screens?

    It came to Australia in early 1979.

  6. 979708 says:

    @jlmww Quite right . No Terry Nation, no Daleks!

    Where would DW be without Mr. Nation inventing what turned out to be the Doctor’s most famous and greatest adversaries?

  7. kokopingo says:

    Cooooooooooooooool… Thanks for the upload. Sure brought back my old memories :=)

  8. UFOBevy says:

    I am gutted.. the remake :(

  9. jlmww says:

    Not enough people ever saw this series. Fortunately, the PBS station in Dallas showed them all years ago.

    Terry Nation started his career as a comedy writer, but then he wrote a series of scripts for DR WHO — creating the Daleks. Later he created two science fiction series of his own, BLAKES 7 and THE SURVIVORS, which I’ve never seen.

  10. nickmctrick says:

    Sadly, never heard of this. Didn’t Terry Nation do some Dr.Who as well?

  11. mwiffen37 says:

    one of my favorite shows when i was a lad!!!

  12. strade100 says:

    My favourite episode. Saw this as a kid was well gutted when the ‘Liberator’ was destroyed. One of the coolest looking space craft ever!

  13. mofolee says:

    Love Blakes 7!!!

  14. SlimTwisted says:

    why shows like this never got US DVD treatment is truly anybody’s guess

  15. zephranna01 says:

    @SuzanneCromie nothing could get me away from the tv when this show was on back in the eighties, I can remember getting excited just before the show started.

  16. jlmww says:

    I share your feeling. I used to do the same thing with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  17. SuzanneCromie says:

    Yes, would make up excuse to watch Blakes 7 and not go out

  18. TuneInTurnonWakeup says:

    Do you mean you would rather make up any fabricated excuse to stay in other than: “Sorry, I’m watching Blake’s Seven”? Were you embarassed?

  19. SuzanneCromie says:

    I never missed an episode of Blakes 7. Its is the best thing to come out of Great Britain. Back in my Uni days, I use to make up any excuse to watch Blake’s 7 rather than go out. Well done BBC and cast.

    Blakes 7 is still worthy watching today, in same vain as Hogans Heroes, whose humour is still funny 40 years on

    Suzanne Australia

  20. jlmww says:

    I’m glad I could help.

    After all, I have a great many I’m-right-and-the-rest-of-the-world-is-wrong moments myself.

  21. viclotte says:

    Fab! I ‘m not crazy…. none of my lot can remember this.. It was one of my favorites.. Ha Ha.. now who’s lost it. :0)

  22. laurabuck says:

    Thanks for putting them up!

  23. jlmww says:

    Evidently not. These clips I put up get many more comments than I’d expected.

  24. laurabuck says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who appreciated Blakes 7.

  25. jlmww says:

    Ooooo. I’m intimidated by “in-depth” quizzes, but I’ll give it a go.

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