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Blake’s 7 – Speed Chess!

The thrilling yet tender speed-chess sequence from the second season of Blake’s 7. It’s the Klute’s only reward; enjoy it half as much as he does
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Blake’s 7 – Speed Chess!”

  1. meredithgracek says:

    “This is Atari 400/800 Chess. I used to have it back in the day. That cart cost $40, believe it or not.”

    That must have cost the entire SFX budget of this episode

  2. indianjoe52 says:

    Gotta love The Klute

  3. neelaakaasham says:

    enna koppa ithu?

  4. MARK1HOE says:

    In this episode Blake is doing something really important while Avon and Vila sneak down to break the bank

  5. klisher says:

    i thought charles 1st was beheaded.

  6. Vasyukov says:

    If I remember correctly, I think Orac gets a draw with him

  7. FreakinSweet86 says:

    I loved Deep Roy in Neverending Story, I grew up on that movie and I think he was involved with Dark Crystal too, another fave of mine.

  8. ultimateood says:

    love the music

  9. welshnick300365 says:

    Friltz made a real mess of that. He should have won that easily !!!

  10. ytmndman says:

    I wonder if this was a real game they used or a composition


    Deep Roy has had a nice line in evil little bastards. He played an evil doll in Doctor Who – The Talons of Weng-Chiang – where he also used his wicked laugh.

  12. Sclemtak says:

    Anyone remember Deep Roy as the blowpipe midget villain in The New Avengers?.That guy is just awesome!.

  13. SPeacock says:

    I suspect so, now that I think about it. :)

  14. TheUTubeTeamSucks says:

    Deep Roy did a few Blakes 7 Episodes as i recall, apart from The Klute in Gambit, he was a Decima in The Web and provided the voice of Moloch.

  15. TheUTubeTeamSucks says:

    Bound to be a BBC Micro !

  16. jamesmacheath says:

    The machine is called “Tolinka”, which is a diminutive of Anatoly – meaning Anatoly Karpov. It was named by Viktor Korchnoi at the World Championship in Manila in 1978.

  17. reivenlocke says:

    This is Atari 400/800 Chess. I used to have it back in the day. That cart cost $40, believe it or not.

  18. darksideka says:

    Deep roy is a oompa loompa in the catcf remake but is the guy speaking at the start the same guy that sings the candyman on the original movie?

  19. Faelsun says:

    They still use deep blue, of course it’s like way more updated now.

  20. SPeacock says:

    Are those graphics on the VIC 20 or Atari 2600?

  21. SkuldChan42 says:

    As I recall from the credits of that series that was the legendary chess computer Deep Dhought developed by CMU and IBM – later renamed to Deep Blue…

    So yeah it was high tech.

  22. thatjimguy says:

    HI TECH!

  23. randomr3tards says:

    i love how he just rushes his king to the a3 quare

  24. tumadoireacht says:

    it is a notation for recording all the moves in the chess game

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