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Blakes 7 opening

Blakes 7 opening

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  1. BlakeVII says:

    When I was a very young kid, aged 6 going on 7, I just didn’t know what Blake7 was about. It just went over my head. All I knew, Blake7 was set in space. On that fact alone, it was worth the watch (that’s the way I thought as a kid).
    As I got older and I began to understand, the series ended and I had missed alot of the episodes. It was to be another 20 years later before I saw the series again, and boy! did I really enjoyed watching it. It took me, being an adult to appreciate it.

  2. Noodles37UK says:

    @RX552VBK Yeah, Hitchhiker’s remake was predictably awful.

  3. huggiebear100 says:

    @wimpory I heard that song today on the radio and as soon as I heard that bit I thought Blake’s 7.

  4. 65renaissanceman says:

    This WAS brilliant for its time… the good old BBC tradition of cardboard sets, improbable bits of plastic, running around in quarries… hmmmm you could say all that about Dr Who at the same time! Of course the fx were relatively primitive 30 years ago but that only added to the fun and meant the plot had to be good. Remaking this would ruin it.

  5. cpuwrite says:

    @RX552VBK My information was that the series wasn’t being remade, but, rather, that there was a sort of “Blake’s 7: the Next Generation” in the works. Alas, my information is that the project has died. :(

  6. Zod101276 says:

    Blake 7 seems to have alot of creditability to the lay and the known? Its the honesty and sinceress along with the obvious elements here that gives you solace.

  7. KaitainCPS says:

    Nope, it was a BBC show, not ITV, and first aired in 1978. The four series were in consecutive years: 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981.

  8. wimpory says:

    From 0:16 the music sounds a lot like John Miles ‘Music’

  9. RochePatrick says:

    I have the Full Blake 7 Digitally Remastered Boxed Set. Series 1,2 and 3. It contains bloopers reel, Special comments from some of the cast and an segment from Blue Peter on how to make a Transporter Bracelet from cardboard a plastic bottle and some tin foil. In Australia Blake 7 was shown on ABC at 7:30pm on Friday Nights I have also three episodes on VHS Tape. I have one episode of series 3 in a book, the one when they get the new ship with slave as a computer. The space scenes on the Digita

  10. harbqll says:

    @979708 I remember watching it for the first time on our local PBS channel in the early 80′s…say around 1984 or so. I’d love to have the series on DVD, but the only ones I can find are region 2, so I wouldn’t be able to watch them.

  11. 979708 says:

    Any Amercians out there who have seen, or even know of, Blake’s 7?
    When did it reach your screens?

    It came to Australia in early 1979.

  12. RX552VBK says:

    @tonyins67 You could be right. I don’t know. I saw it on America TV (PBS).

  13. tonyins67 says:

    @RX552VBK I seem to recall it was on BBC1

  14. rich0040 says:

    the best sci fi series ever, END OF, blake, villa, avon all amazing characters and wot about the babes servalan, jenna and ecpecially soolin

  15. RX552VBK says:

    @SPeacock You mean Blakes 7? Or Starcops? I hope both will get the Blu Ray treatment!

  16. SPeacock says:

    @RX552VBK The series should be remastered for Blu-ray!

  17. RX552VBK says:

    It was a wonderful show. It originally aired in 1987 on Thames–I think. I’m planning to order the whole series on DVD later this year.

  18. MRCAB says:

    @RX552VBK I’ll have to check out Star Cops, thanks.

  19. RX552VBK says:

    One of the best character driven sci fi shows ever! I first caught this show on PBS in the U.S.A. during the late 80′s and early 90′s. I’m big fan of Terry Nation (and his other Brit show StarCops–check it out); wonderful group of British actors. EMPIRE mag said B7 is being remade. I just hope it doesn’t turn out like the remake of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! Yuk

  20. mwells219 says:

    @doctorw2 yes blake’s trial in the first episode reminded me of the first story in foundation.

  21. mwells219 says:

    just started watching the first season dvd set. fucking brilliant. would love to see this updated battlestar galactica style.

  22. dramaticguy says:

    Was that not Sapphire and Steel,the pillows attacking?

  23. fep70 says:

    The first episode was screened 2nd January 1978.

  24. britwigger says:

    The face moving back into background is very Dr.Who based. I always thought so even decades ago.

  25. khlau29 says:

    POR FAVOR NO LEAN ESTO (me obligaron) el 13 de octubre de 1991 un niño llamado nick se tiro de un puente devido a problemas familiares si ya leiste esto deves copiar y pegar en otros 5 videos mas o si no nick vendra por toda tu familia haslo o moriran porfavor hasme caso yo lo lei y lo hise & si es verdad

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