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Blakes 7 opening

Blakes 7 opening

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  1. DoctorSinister1 says:

    @RX552VBK Star Cops had nothing whatsoever to do with Terry Nation, it was a Chris Boucher creation.

    Brilliant series though.

    You might be thinking of Survivors.

    Dr. S.

  2. DoctorVell says:

    @JeffsRareVids SO DO I SO DO I

  3. rojblake82 says:

    @jonathan45278 How dare you say Servalan was ot a good villain to me she was ten billion times better than Travis mate. I was glad when Travis was killed off he could not have gone on and on the way he was, if Servalan the arch-enemy had been killed off instead of Travis it would have been a mistake all round. It is a pity Servalan was omitted from the final episode. I also wish Colin Baker had played Blake, if he had played blake he would have had staying power Gareth Thomas has not got.

  4. dramaticguy says:

    @DavidMartinDavis Wasn;t that Sapphire and Steel?

  5. Cool2BCeltic says:

    It was somewhat disquieting to see that in the Third Century of the Second Calendar computer graphics had not advanced in any way since the late 1970s.

  6. NelsonStJames says:

    I seem to recall that the writer Tanith Lee wrote a few episodes of Blake 7, that alone is worth watching this series.

    You might want to catch the pod cast “Shake and Blake” on itunes which has started to review every eps of the series. It’s loads of fun.

  7. jonathan45278 says:

    Im a die hard Blakes 7 fan. I love how most of the characters are so arrogant. I wish the character Blake could have been in it more although Avon was great to watch as the new leader. Watching it now he seems a bit Shakespearian. Im not a fan of Servalan. She reminds me of a female boss I once had. Too bad her character didn’t die at the end. I think Travis was the better villian and was killed off too early. Call me a prude but what was with all the kissing in the later episodes?


    “I”-Rank Dudley-Simpson’s Theme at No-1 Above John-William’s Star-Wars!!! >(*U^)<

  9. kristell9 says:

    @RX552VBK The making of Hitchhikers Guide is a movie in itself! It’s been worked on and shelved several times.

  10. AmosTheTalented says:

    @RX552VBK Me too! Back when special effects were not the norm and we had to rely on story, plot, characterization, etc.

  11. abbamanic says:

    Fantastic theme tune. It was the quality of the actors/performances that go the show past it’s lame budget and poor sets. Quality stuff from Paul Darrow etc.

  12. Garrywith2rs says:

    That takes me back!
    If it wasn’t Dr Who that was on, it was this!

    I’ve always wondered if part of the theme music was ‘borrowed’ from the middle of the John Miles song Music?
    Anyone know?

  13. Cool2BCeltic says:

    Sir Patrick Moore might have something to say about these planets being placed so closely together in the opening credits.

  14. OzClawhammer says:

    Servalan gave me my 1st boner !

  15. Flambeauxfire says:

    It’s so great to see Blakes 7 again. It was so character based indeed. Somewhere between Sinbad, Star Wars and Emily Bronte. Very classy and British. Awful special effects – which iwas also very British too cos remember, a cardboard box is really a spaceship. And you’ll be happy with it so shuttup!

  16. strade100 says:

    @doctorw2 yep!!

  17. strade100 says:


  18. manofgwent69 says:

    I have fond memories of this series. It may not have had much money spent on it, but it had strong stories and characters, which is probably a bit lost on those who judge something purely on the standards of the special effects.

  19. EmpireLS56KW says:

    0:09 BiG Brother Federation is watching you!

  20. Zingam says:

    Great show! Much better than anything American that I have watched in my life.

  21. LidiLady says:

    Ah my ringtone LOL, great sci fi show. Pff who’s Blake, just kidding, loved Avon though haha.

  22. SPeacock says:

    @JeffsRareVids I wish they would remaster it and release it on Blu-ray.

  23. grassington1 says:

    i saw gareth thomas at the Victoria Halls New year party in Selkirk several years ago…he was as pissed as a fart.!! really enjoyimg himself !!

  24. JeffsRareVids says:

    i wish they would release this on dvd in the US.

  25. doctorw2 says:

    @DavidMartinDavis thats sapphire and steel not blakes 7 but, my god sapphire and steel is another brilliant sci fi show.

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