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Blake’s 7 Full Ending thru credits

This is the full last ten. min. of the episode “Blake” which is the last episode of the series Blake’s 7. It includes the vital final cut and sfx over the credits which other versions on youtube omit.

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25 Responses to “Blake’s 7 Full Ending thru credits”

  1. rojblake82 says:

    @Yellowswift3 I strongly disagree with Blake saying there is always a choice that is guff, there is not always a choice in this life. I would not work at all if I had achoice like if I had millions, billions or trillions and also I would live in a totally different town to where I live at the moment.I would move away where I am not known to anybody, it is largely that I want to move away and also I would have to move away if I was rich will millions, billions or even trillions for safety.

  2. lowcomedy says:

    It was actually a teaser for series 5, which was never made.

  3. SciFiFangirlsFTW says:

    @rojblake82 I was joking. But he does survive a lot, you can’t hide that.

  4. Yellowswift3 says:

    “What on Earth happened to you?”

    “Oh most of it wasn’t on Earth, Tarrant, not what happened to me.”

    Best lines from the four series for me.

  5. rojblake82 says:

    @SciFiFangirlsFTW Avon is not immortal butthead, he is also not invincible either.

  6. SciFiFangirlsFTW says:

    @doctorwhoone He’s Avon. He can do anything. =P

  7. rojblake82 says:

    @LadySappho I think Arlen was an agent of arch-enemy Servalan and it is a bloody shame Servalan was not preesent in this last episode. I think Servalan should have been in this last episode, and she should have been shot dead like Blake and all the others. I also think it was disgusting the arch-enemy was omitted from the final episode, it was something Jacqueline Pearce herself was hacked off about that fact Servalan was omitted from the last ever episode.

  8. rojblake82 says:

    @doctorwhoone Nobody is superman not even Avon, he was as mortal as Blake and everybody else who lives we all die sooner or later we don’t have any real choice in that matter that is a fact and not an opinion.

  9. rojblake82 says:

    It was a shame arch enemy Servalan was omitted from this last episode, but never mind these things happen.

  10. penninefilms says:

    I have to say this is a brilliant series and the ending was one of the beat in TV history to kill off all the cast in one go I real hope the BBC do not make a remake of the series it would just distrust the classic one.

  11. doctorwhoone says:

    Avon obviously does die, there’s no way in hell he could kill all those guys surrounding him.

    Think about it, theres 1 of him and, give or take, 16 – 17 of them ? . . . . no chance he could have survived, take about 2 or 3 with him i guess, but the lot of them ? no . . . .. he aint exactly Superman so wasting fast enough in taking them all out.

    Still, atleast he got to bare a grin before his death one last time.

  12. Martinio567 says:

    Blakes 7 is still one of my favourite TV series, It looks very dated nowadays, and the fight scenes are shocking, but it still had some brilliant lines and writing.

  13. dariowestern says:

    Massacres achieve nothing. What a useless way to end what was a promising show.

  14. pappajudas says:

    Gareth wanted to be killed off but the show was meant to continue it just never happend Avon and company were meant to have only been stunned or some garbage like that but the raitings on series 4 were to low to revive it for a 5th series. Darrow tried revive the show kind of like the Blakes 7 the next generation with Avon passing the torch on to a new crew of fredom fighters but it never happend. As far as endings go Avon’s Futile last stand after killing his only real friend is so powerfull.

  15. pappajudas says:

    I’t comes full circle doesen’t it the show started and ended with a Massacre. I always figured that smile was Avon realizing he was right all along and that “Blake’s Big bleading heart ” did get them all killed in the End.

  16. FRMariposa says:

    I’m surprised none of the comments have mentioned this, but the ending is also an homage to “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.” Both Chris Boucher and Paul Darrow were fans of Westerns, so it can’t be unintentional.

  17. Yellowswift3 says:

    Blake dies, Avon and co don’t.

  18. 21shergar says:

    Gutted to this day.

  19. LFCmadness08 says:

    It’s ok, found the song, its Joy Division Love will tear us apart

  20. Coillscath says:

    @rojblake82 Terry Nation wrote a continuation of the end of this episode, if I recall correctly. It goes that after the screen cuts to the credits, the shots we hear are her and her bodyguards arriving on the scene and opening fire on the federation troops. Avon survives, as does Vila, who faked getting shot, apparently. Trust him to fake his own death to avoid getting shot.

  21. CYBERDOODY says:

    @LFCmadness08 what place did it come?

  22. vokildir says:

    Bloody brilliant finale. I remember watching this series with my dad every week. We were in total shock after this! Brilliant way to end a show.

  23. HopeMonkey says:

    Best ending ever and thats why it should never come back……the bad guys win…it would ruin this ending if it should ever return

  24. rojblake82 says:

    I am still confused why arch-enemy Servalan was never included in this final episode, which was a bloody shame. I expect when Deva mentioned a representative from the federation high council come at any moment. I expect the person was arch-enemy Servalan, I also noticed the grave look an Blake’s face when he was informed. I think Blake suspects it is Servalan, he has not seen her for ages, but if she ad appeared in this episode he would have known he ragain instantly she would likewise know him

  25. DDOPAT says:

    Back in the day there was the B7 Magazine.. and it told you the gun shots and who fired etc….

    Best show ever, best ending ever for a show….

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