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Blake’s 7 – A compilation of Avon’s insults and jibes

A compilation of Avon’s insults, jibes and put-downs from Blake’s 7.

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25 Responses to “Blake’s 7 – A compilation of Avon’s insults and jibes”

  1. Kelly14UK says:

    Avon’s 7.

  2. Thoughtland says:

    @sixstanger00 The strange thing about Blake’s 7 is that if you take anybody from a different story and put them in a B7 story they will end up dead and probably by mistake, including Darth Vader and the master of the universe in Dune.

    Put the Liberator crew near a planet that’s all sweeping valleys, fountains and peaceful vegetarian philosophers and they will turn it into Venus or scattered glowing dust inside 45 minutes.

  3. bonomo012 says:

    @Lemau There are only two stories 1) A stranger comes to town. 2) A person starts out on a journey.

    It is not so much nobody having new ideas as networks/ who ever hold the purse strings not wanting to put money on something that does not have a fan base. If the people who make the remake are able to do anything good with it the likely hood that their more “original” ideas will get produced increases.

  4. AJCSShp says:

    I Love Avon, he is amazing.
    My favourite character in Blake’s 7!

  5. Abuamina001 says:

    Mashallah. Great show. Great character development. Real people : not a collection of athletes with bulging biceps and smiling supermodels that feature on most modern science fiction.

  6. Lemau says:

    @sixstanger00 The real problem is that no-one has the inspiration to think of anything NEW anymore. It’s all basically the same idea, over and over again…

  7. RevengeOfTheAbyss says:

    “don’t you ever get bored of being right?… No, just with the rest of you being wrong”!

  8. johnnypocketrocket says:

    I seem to remember him says,”and that’s exactly what they will be expecting us to do” when summing up the enemy a good few times.

  9. Dramliza says:

    Avon. *sigh*
    Love Blakes 7, and Paul Darrow was/is a legend…he made the show.

  10. anvilofcrom says:

    Avon was the man .

  11. mrsotter19 says:

    @sagittaep Remakes usually are… a mistake, that is. Leave well alone, I say.

  12. sagittaep says:

    @beeschag I think the remake is a mistake…

  13. wayne39 says:

    Blakes 7 was and still is brilliant. Problem is you have to forgive its weakneses which were many. But the strengths make up for it. The effects were rubbish but the stories and characters were better then anything around today.

  14. khlau29 says:

    POR FAVOR NO LEAN ESTO (me obligaron) el 13 de octubre de 1991 un niño llamado nick se tiro de un puente devido a problemas familiares si ya leiste esto deves copiar y pegar en otros 5 videos mas o si no nick vendra por toda tu familia haslo o moriran porfavor hasme caso yo lo lei y lo hise & si es verdad

  15. beeschag says:

    BBC are remaking blakes seven with David Mitchell as Avon. Anne Robinson is playing servalan!

  16. SepticTank2 says:

    Great lines!

  17. chewie211171 says:

    thanks for posting this, Blakes 7 was such a great show. Paul Darrow clearly had all the best lines

  18. topmate78 says:

    avon must be a cool dad

  19. doctorw2 says:

    i would prefer to watch this rather than the overated star trek series.

  20. NiciJD says:

    I would guess you never watched this series at all and have made a sweeping opinion based on a short clip that someone has put together for You Tube. Why don’t you watch a few episodes, you might be surprised!

  21. sixstanger00 says:

    Granted, Doctor Who is without a doubt top-notch for anytime given time during the 60s, 70s, and 80s…(though the new series leaves a bit to be desired, compared to the classic) but Blakes 7 aired between 1978 – 1981. Furthermore, seems a bit simple-minded if you ask me, it knock a series when all you’ve seen of it is a few clips on YouTube. Thats almost like new Doctor Who fans knocking the 11th, Matt Smith, when he’s only had 90 seconds of screen time.

  22. sixstanger00 says:

    Well, “Blakes 7″ was created by none other than Doctor Who Dalek creator TERRY NATION. In fact, alot of the production crew that worked on 70s/80s Doctor Who also worked on Blakes 7. And B7 was less “Lost In Space” than DW was…B7 followed a band of rebels and dealt them real-life scenarios, for example covert/escape plans did not always work out, and the “good guys” sometimes didn’t even come out winners at the end of an episode. Guy in grey robe?? Are you talking about Avon in the silver suit

  23. mikeeG77 says:

    Yeah yeah yeah….but that show seemed like Lost in Space – and – the reason it seemed gay is because that dude wearing the gray robe in the clips seems a little queenie – with all his comments and eye rolling. Now Doctor Who with Tom Baker – that was the top shelf of 70′s SciFi- I’m being honest!

  24. alexanderq123 says:

    olympic chav-spannering

  25. SolarDog69 says:

    Blake is a real story!!!

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