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Blake’s 7 – A compilation of Avon’s insults and jibes

A compilation of Avon’s insults, jibes and put-downs from Blake’s 7.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Blake’s 7 – A compilation of Avon’s insults and jibes”

  1. Noodles37UK says:

    @SciFiFangirlsFTW Lol! You cheered me up.

  2. SciFiFangirlsFTW says:

    @Noodles37UK Because Vila values his life. =D

  3. TheTwillerZone says:

    Avon is one of the best characters ever.

  4. SuperBLAKES7 says:

    here here blakes 7 goto me through university in the late 70s well that and punk rock
    i was very sad the day they died and always had a crush on god of a generation after debbie harry

  5. Noodles37UK says:

    Why didn’t Vila just land one on him? lol

  6. Thrustnicely69 says:

    Avon was pure class, you just dont see characters like that on screen these days.

  7. biggixer says:

    I liked when they used to ask the computer questions . Can’t remember it’s name good series tho.

  8. stormynortherner says:

    Blake’s Seven is my second favourite TV show of all time, after Dr Who. The scripts are fantastic and the narrative very compelling.

  9. Scifimaster92 says:

    @METAL1ON Okay, I admit I kind of made myself look stupid, so I’ll just rephrase that whole thing. If you don’t like “Star Trek,” that’s fine, just make others feel guilty for liking it.

  10. BlackestEyes1963 says:

    Avon! My childhood’s major crush!!! And just having rewatched the whole series, that crush is BACK. LOL. Awesome series, best sf ever. Characterization in stead of special effects… nowhere to be found in the world of today, alas.

  11. SciFiFangirlsFTW says:

    @CYBERDOODY Obviously.

  12. SciFiFangirlsFTW says:

    VILA!!!!!! *Squees in fangirlish glee*
    Oh look, Avon’s there too.

  13. moogug says:

    All I remember thinking throughout this series when I watched it was “WHERE”S BLAKE!!!!!!”

  14. mpc999STEP says:

    Does the Liberator support intelligent life? Probably! The best Ship Ever!

  15. Akirajay38 says:

    (rant on BBC America cont) and from what i read, it was like pulling teeth to get Torchwood:Children of Earth….I mean if BBC is in so much need of money…rent out some of your old shows…i would like to see Quatermass…or some newer East Enders….helloo BBC Americans love accents and drama…and we can’t rely on PBS forever…I was shocked when we got the modern Sherlock Holmes…ARRGGGHHHHHH anyone in the US agreeing with me?

  16. Akirajay38 says:

    avon’s awesome…i just started watching the show…people have been trying to get me to watch it for a while, but it’s not available in the US…well…not legally :) …maybe if BBC America got it’s shit together and gave us some quality stuff, i woul’dt have to resort to such underhanded methods…the only thing BBC America does right is doctor who…and we never got Sara Jane Adventures…. and like 1 season of primeval…was time ever fixed? don’t know cause BBC(A) is cheap

  17. METAL1ON says:

    @Scifimaster92 Servalan should get her tits out and let Avon suck them and Jean luc should make all the women of the Enterprise crew walk around naked.

  18. sixfields100 says:

    great series loved it

  19. Scifimaster92 says:

    @METAL1ON Oh, and one other thing, it sounds you were watching the early episodes of TNG at the time of writing. If that’s the case, I should probably let you know that, yes, TNG did start out a fairly average series, but over the course of its run it became really good. Just watch a later episode like “Redemption” or “The Inner Light” and you’ll see what I mean.

  20. Scifimaster92 says:

    @METAL1ON And yes, I admit my choice of words was rather harsh, but I really have an issue with others who try to force their opinions on me. Not that you are guilty of such, but I have occasionally run into others who are guilty of doing so.

  21. Scifimaster92 says:

    @METAL1ON Hey, I was just saying that it would be unfair to compare the two shows. They are two different works of fiction with two different sets of rules, and therefore should be treated as such.

  22. METAL1ON says:

    @Scifimaster92 I like both series very much i grew up on the original star trek as well as blakes 7, but tng doesnt cut it compared to the dialogue in blakes 7, you sound like you are the fanboy.

  23. Scifimaster92 says:

    @METAL1ON Hey, maybe your fanboy mind can’t comprehend this, but there are actually people watching this video who like “Star Trek.” Don’t get me wrong, “Blake’s 7″ is a great science fiction series, but we should not compare it to any series but itself.

    If you want to see a really terrible sci-fi series, go check out that piece of donkey crap “Defying Gravity”, or any series created by Irwin Allen. That guy was good at disaster films, but not science fiction.

  24. celt67 says:

    Avon was an utter utter utter bastard.

    I thought he was brilliant.

  25. CYBERDOODY says:

    Blakes 7 totally beats Star Trek. and any other US sci fi show

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