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Bionic Woman Lisa Galloway Music Video

HQ / Stereo link: A music tribute to “Deadly Ringer” Lisa Galloway on the Bionic Woman.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Bionic Woman Lisa Galloway Music Video”

  1. angelofdolls says:


  2. josefatlas says:


  3. LATINHANDS65 says:

    I had a rough day today… HOPE.

    Thank you.

  4. angelofdolls says:

    Eu adoro a mulher bionica,assim como outros seriados antigos que eu assistia muito na época.

  5. JP5466 says:

    Nice editing.

    When I was 11 years old, I remember getting very upset by that padded room scene.

  6. mrmagassi says:

    Great clip! By any chance, do you have the final scene where Jaime confronts Lisa? Wagner gave such an amazing performance. Thanks :)

  7. mrmagassi says:

    @ssesf Lisa Galloway smoked… not Jaime Sommers.

  8. bobbypayne38 says:

    You couldn’t have said it better. I admire Lindsay for staying real to this day! She is soo much smarter and stronger for being herself. In reality she personifys the Bionic Woman.

  9. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    @mediacritic I can’t believe how well you said that! It just goes to show that the “Frankensteins”, as you put it, in Hollywood really aren’t happy with themselves. I miss the Real Jaime Sommers and Real Women in Hollywood who like themselves for who they are. Thanks for your post.

  10. taking10 says:

    omg!!! Love it, love it
    Lindsay Wagner + Celine= ♥♥♥

  11. 76Countrymusic says:

    @MrJamie1932 …Right, and i miss her so much, one day i’ll buy the entire collection, until i’m alive i’ll be watching it!

  12. MrJamie1932 says:

    @76Countrymusic… That’s right!!! No one else could have played that role other than Lindsay Wagner!! We love you Lindsay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. MrJamie1932 says:

    @valleydude4u … Man, I agree 100%!!! Very well said!!!

  14. MrJamie1932 says:

    @lmx370 …. YES!!!! She’s extraordinary!!!!

  15. karim401 says:

    Thank you for posting – i love it – loads of mixed emotions watching it again

  16. ssesf says:

    I guess back in the seventies it was OK for the heroine to smoke. Imagine, I was getting all excited about her legs and then it was just plastic. What a downer!

  17. mediacritic says:

    Lindsay was such a beautiful 70s chick. She looked like a REAL woman, not the surgically altered Frankensteins all over Hollywood today. Just a really normal, pretty girl. Seriously, look at the women in TV and movies today – giant, odd basketball breasts, huge, grotesque, injected lips, pulled back faces, foreheads that don’t move, spray-on tans, etc. They’re FREAKS. The sad part is, most of them were probably lovely to start with…

  18. lmx370 says:

    This was the episode that won Lindsay an Emmy award. Great job. Well deserved.

  19. discodancer1234 says:

    @ElyDeadpool2010 She was mines too!!!

  20. discodancer1234 says:

    @yellowlynx you are sooo right!!!!

  21. ElyDeadpool2010 says:

    lindsay was my first love

  22. AliehsLive says:

    @ez2me2008 I agree. :-)

  23. yellowlynx says:

    This two-part story is the only one that Jaime do not have to use force to subdue her opponent — Lisa Galloway, as Jaime came to realize, is a tormented soul that needed help — the part when Lisa blurted out: no no, its you see, nobody loves Lisa, not her parents, not her teachers…….This powerful encounter is something not found in many sci-fi

  24. VONNAIR says:

    This was GREAT!! fantastic edit…fantastic clips…I loved it!!!

  25. valleydude4u says:

    Damn I’m always amazed at her beauty!! Someone else commented on how feminine she was to play a super-hero – unlike the big breasted processed bimbos playing similar roles today. So true. Lindsay was the girl all the guys wanted to marry and all the girls wanted to be. Me and my sister grew up with these shows………. such a long time ago. These were really special to our childhood and will never be forgotten. Thanks for posting!!!!

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