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Bionic Woman – Brainwash

Jaime is brainwashed at a salon and reveals her bionic powers, as well as other secrets.

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21 Responses to “Bionic Woman – Brainwash”

  1. petie71 says:

    To this day when I get my hair done I think of this scene when they wash my hair. Lol. x

  2. dryermaniac says:

    Even as a child i thought lindsnay wagner (jamie summers) was hot, but she looks totally mesmorising in those rollers under erthat dryer, only problem is i know from personal expirience that your hair in rollers under a dryer is brainwashing, it happens to me at least twice a

  3. JP5466 says:

    Yes she was very pretty. I’ve seen her in person recently… she still is pretty considering that she is 60 years old now. She’s aged gracefully.

    The close ups of the hair getting lathered is Lindsay’s body double.

  4. ThePicklepirate says:

    Jamie should have reached up and ripped his throat out!

  5. yyy33344 says:

    jamie is absolutely a beautiful woman

  6. canallibertario says:

    amoooooooooooo este video la mujer bionica es hermosa y el peluquero muy listo arriba el brainwash

  7. Bok97 says:

    My idol!!

  8. 02chevyguy says:

    A friend of mine is a hairdresser. I’m sending him this clip and asking him if this is what he does to his clients when he wants more money for doing their hair. :)

  9. MrPutcapeshair says:

    very hot job niceeeeeeeee

  10. beautynads says:

    Lindsey Wagner is totally hot!

  11. dwilmer7 says:

    Jamie Summers is a total fox. What more can a heterosexual man say?

  12. Therese504 says:

    Damn!! The big reveal is what Jaime’s hair looks like after it dries!!

  13. dereka79 says:

    Though, I did like this episode as a kid, I thought even then Jaime’s hair was a bit over the top! LOL But that’s my girl! I’m glad it featured Callahan, too. And she said some very stinging things to Jaime outside the salon after this scene, such as being Jaime’s sidekick and Jaime having to always be on top. I was like, ouch! Damn, Callahan!

  14. peskylisa says:

    Yeah, just a bit cheesy!

  15. zim83 says:

    When I watched this episode as a kid, even I knew the show had jumped the shark. A villain hairdresser obtaining info via shampoo and a hairdryer? Give me a break…

  16. ricochetVendetta says:

    You got to watch those hair dressers, never can tell what they putting in the shampoo these days

  17. animelover18088 says:

    where can you watch this episode at?

  18. oskarpineda says:

    this is one of my favorite episodes! i hope you or someone else could post it complete. love the jaimie`s top..

  19. spiralz84 says:

    thanks, appreciate the reply

  20. Bricray says:

    Season 3, episode 8 – “Brain Wash”

  21. spiralz84 says:

    what episode is this..does anyone know?

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