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Bionic Woman – Bigfoot

Bionic Woman and Bigfoot
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Bionic Woman – Bigfoot”

  1. THYCHANIE says:

    Little Known trivia..Bigfoot was actually played by two people Andre the Giant and Ted Cassidy (lLurch of the black and white Addams Family)..Andre made it famous..for his aggressive nature…and Ted for his close up to give Bigfoot human appeal..although they blend nicely..the actors portrayed the character in different seasons..and shows.

  2. mufcgazza2k7 says:

    anyone no where you can get the cool beat what plays when shes running at the start of the video lol how could bigfoot attack a women lol that’s classed as abuse even if she is bionic hehe

  3. ownhomedog says:

    what year was this episode?

  4. acesobrian says:

    Awesome John Saxon rules! He was in A Nightmare on Elm Street and Enter the Dragon!

  5. Writerboy35 says:

    @bluworm Lee Majors didn’t have fabulous hair and boobs that shook when he ran. . . .

  6. PWG1Red says:…Time-Life has the entire series available…

  7. jd7779311 says:

    @bluworm NO….WAY!! Close though. Love to see her chest go from side to side. Naw man Steve has by far the COOOOOLEST RUN ON TV!!! Man when he throws up that Eyebrow…lol!! YOU CAN’T BEAT IT! LOL!!! Jamie 2nd best then Barney Hiller the 7Million Dollar Man! He smiles when he runs!.lol.

  8. psxwarrior says:

    @mattmo1 Yeah, I pointed that out as well. totally the same music.

  9. psxwarrior says:

    @ELECTROBRYN She knew better than to go directly toe to toe with bigfoot.

  10. jennifer1003 says:

    @2225530 it’s now making my night, Season 1 of BM is finally out on DVD!!!

  11. jennifer1003 says:

    ***BIONIC WOMAN SEASON 1 NOW ON DVD!!! CHECK F.Y.E STORES! I BOUGHT IT, IT WAS $39.99…. BUT WELL WORTH IT!!! ** (was broke for the w/end but didnt care…it’s Jamie Sommers, c’mon! LOL)

    Brings back such great childhood memories, I was 7 when I watched this back in teh mid 70′s & now in my 40′s I stil watch- Classic!! Shes’s amazing!!! Thanks for this. Hoping Season 2 will be coming soon, Love to have this episode!!!

  12. 2225530 says:

    this is making my day.

  13. RVBOY2 says:

    Does Spielberg know they ripped off the Jaws music?

  14. retrofann1 says:

    @DrRocksotheClown bionic bigfoot in all the episodes.

  15. retrofann1 says:

    @bluworm well yeah!

  16. retrofann1 says:

    @alexir7070 60mphh is their max speed, they dont always run it that fast, LOL!

  17. BigBlackBare says:


  18. EbolaSandwich says:

    2:47 “I’ve got my eye on you!”

  19. alexir7070 says:

    if jaime is running 60 mph how come she comes up on the screen of the aliens tv as runnning slow motion !!!

  20. User90663 says:

    The Bionic Woman vs. Lurch

  21. Therealanimale says:

    At about 1.41: “O boy they said you were big but this is ridiculous”…..LOL

  22. lekocafe says:

    @mattmo1 Yes, I am just looking at this for the first time in many years and you are right it is the exact music from “The First”. I was going to comment on it but you beat me to it.

  23. shararish says:

    sexy lindsey wagner

  24. Merciless914 says:

    DAMIT I LOVE THIS ENTIRE EPISODE!!!! They even made her be more athletic doing flips and shit!

  25. Swiss846 says:

    That was something.

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