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Biography – Roy Rogers (A&E DVD Archives)

Biography – Roy Rogers (A&E DVD Archives)

In a time of innocence, his straightforward, all-American cowboy manner made him a beloved international icon. At the height of his fame, Leonard Frank Slye (a.k.a. Roy Rogers) was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. In 1948 alone, his movies sold near

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Review by for Biography – Roy Rogers (A&E DVD Archives)
    My little boy is a Roy Rogers freak, and now that I’ve watched a few of his movies and after we brought this video home from the library, I can see why. Roy Rogers was a great person, and he is reminiscent of a time of innocence that is so far removed from entertainment in our culture today. I highly recommend this video, you’ll find out just about anything you’ve ever wanted to know about Roy Rogers…my only gripe is that I wish they would update this biography. This was done 2-3 years before Roy died, and before his museum was moved to Branson. There are obviously still plenty of Roy Rogers fans out there, and we’d all like to know how this megastar bid his final “Happy Trails”, and where one might visit his grave. Many would probably also like to see an updated bit about the new Branson museum. Roy was is and forever will be THE KING OF THE COWBOYS

  2. Anonymous says:

    Review by for Biography – Roy Rogers (A&E DVD Archives)
    This is an excellent A&E Biography of the late,great cowboy actor-singer Roy Rogers.Roy,may you forever live in our hearts,we all love you!!

  3. Mark Barragar says:

    Review by Mark Barragar for Biography – Roy Rogers (A&E DVD Archives)
    If you want to know the Real Roy Rogers and not just the “King of the Cowboys” from the Silver Screen, then this is a MUST for your video library. I had the honor of meeting both Roy and Dale at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City and they were two of the most genuine people and just as wholesome as they played on the screen. If you love the Singin’ Cowboy and love Roy and Dale then you have to see this wonderful bio.

    Mark from Oklahoma!

  4. Reverend Skull says:

    Review by Reverend Skull for Biography – Roy Rogers (A&E DVD Archives)
    I’ve always loved Roy Rogers and by extension Dale Evans, their radio shows, films, recordings, comics, etc. This is no exception. I don’t think I learned anything new here, but I certainly enjoyed watching this DVD.

  5. Paul R. Jones says:

    Review by Paul R. Jones for Biography – Roy Rogers (A&E DVD Archives)
    In this day of trash celebrities, what a wonderful biography of truly wonderful, good, caring people. This DVD is well worth an hour of anyones time, western fan or not. This and the Bill “Hopalong Cassidy” Boyd biography give a glimpse of a world long gone.

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