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Bill Jackson Interview

Jason Rimkus interviews Bill Jackson.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Bill Jackson Interview”

  1. smith1958b says:

    Children’s Tv in Chicagoland during the sixties featured Bozo’s Circus, Ray Rainer and Friends, Garfield Goose, but Bill Jackson’s Cartoon Town was the best.

  2. CollegeTom says:

    ♪♫ Dirty Dragon For President
    Fee Fi Fo Fum
    Dirty Dragon For President
    Fee Fi Fo Fum!♪♫

    Man, does anyone remember the rest?

    When something something blah blah blah
    He knocks them over with a great big ‘FIE”!


  3. NoirFan01 says:

    @MELISSA84008 Booby the Beaver was a character on “Magic Door,” which was a Sunday morning show on WBBM-TV in Chicago.

  4. MELISSA84008 says:

    @NoirFan01 lol..never even heard of that one..? How bought ‘HR Puff n Stuff” ,’Banana Splits’or the New Zoo Review”…another lifetime ago :)

  5. NoirFan01 says:

    @MELISSA84008 Magic Door was an interesting show. Wasn’t there “Booby the Beaver”? Booby being a Yiddish word for “friend.”

  6. shannonm75 says:

    I hadn’t seen Giggle Snort in 20+ years…

  7. MELISSA84008 says:

    I thought I was the only one who remembered this show! Also used to watch a kids show called “magic door”? gilly,gilly;gilly.ots ,sot,sot………w/e :)

  8. jbearden says:

    @goldeylockss …. I swear it, I did the same thing! I’d get “sick” and watch the show, all because of that damn blob character! hahaha..

  9. mykmmc says:

    blob was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. crazyandsocool says:

    The Blob sounds like BARNEY FRANK!!!

  11. yak6ex says:

    At 2:37 what does Blob say?

  12. yak6ex says:

    Horrible and yet I liked it.

  13. acdeucee says:

    I saw him live too. Back in the 70′s at North School. We all decorated our cars and had a blast. This was in the Chicago suburbs. Mrs. Jameson was there and MR. Bennett.

  14. goldeylockss says:

    I used to pretend I was sick as a child so I could stay home and watch this show!!! ha ha

  15. mamalu1007 says:

    bill jackson is my grandfather….REALLY!

  16. thedps1998 says:

    Cartoon Town ruled! Cable killed creativity.

  17. harryanchan says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Bill Jackson! Wow! I simply adore the show our three kids grew up on. It was popular even with adults, such as myself. Here in Western Canada, it used to air on the YTV network during the mid-80′s. I only wish we could see the whole series again. God bless you and you crew, Bill.

  18. goodolddaysgal51 says:

    Grew up watching Cartoon Town with the wonderful Bill Jackson. He really entertained and inspired me with his artwork especially! I saw him live when he came to my own town back in the early 70′s in the Chicago suburbs. It was such a thrill to see him then and I am thrilled to see him here on youtube now! Thank you Mr. Jackson for all the joy you brought to me and my siblings during our childhoods.

  19. hotpeach9 says:

    WSNS TV 44,WFLD CH 32,and WLS TV CH 7,BJ and Dirty Dragon,great cartoons,and Gigglesnort hotel,it made growing up in chicago great.Bill Jackson,awesome talent and my inspiration as a little boy.Awesome and educational programs for me in my youth.

  20. hotpeach9 says:

    I love this video.Thank you Bill Jackson for being my chicago childhood inspiration.

  21. crystalship42 says:

    Ohhh my…I didn’t imagine I was going to find this in You Tube…Wow yes a lot of memories…

  22. davehd97 says:

    I watched this as a kid ,loved it,i remember dirty dragon the most of all!

  23. gl0bal74 says:

    truly a talented man

  24. 66tdawg40 says:

    I’m so glad that gigglesnort is still alive and well. i loved it as a kid and bought a couple of vhs on ebay a few years back and when I watched them i was kind of creeped out! lol! Bill Jackson is/was a genius and deserved far more recognition…

  25. IsaAbdulmali says:

    na’aam, Youtube… thanks for the memories, life was really cool in Chicago… inna.

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