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Bill Cullen on the ‘Molly-Coddled’ Irish Youth

Bill Cullen gives his guidance on how to cope with the current lack of jobs and says that young folks nonetheless have not skilled hardships like the generations prior to them. Watch The Frontline in-full on the RTÉ Player:
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25 Responses to “Bill Cullen on the ‘Molly-Coddled’ Irish Youth”

  1. oliver11649 says:

    Is this the same Bill Cullen that that made a €18.6 million loss in 2007, and a further loss of €8.2 million in 2008 and Renault S.A.S ended up saving his Ass?

    Is this the same Bill Cullen whos hotel ran loses of €9.4 million?

    A monkey could have run these operations during the boom times. He just was lucky.

  2. EnglishChannel1 says:

    When I was a boy we lived in one room – twenty in one bed. We had no mattress or covers. We owned one plate and all ate off it, but we had no food. We got up so early it was yesterday. I walked from London to Scotland for water, with one cup which we all later drank from. My dad shovelled earth digging pits. He dug a hole bigger than what Wembley Stadium would fit into, every day. His entire wages for the year was enough to buy one slice of bread. I tell you, the youngsters have it easy today…

  3. LeBearExtrordinare says:

    smoke weed everyday bill.

  4. ShelbourneFC says:

    Bill is 100% correct

  5. wilbar2922 says:

    I was looking for the original host of “The Price is Right” TV show named Bill Cullen. I guess I came to the wrong place.

  6. docno3 says:

    @Ianjcarroll id love to know what you do?

  7. pirublood187 says:

    @UCCRC88 I’d love to know what you think of Richard Branson? An uneducated man, with strong personality (which may come across to you as egotistic), who built Virgin, set up a consultation centre for young teens in England, achieved and accomplished more in the last 5 months than anyone here will prob accomplish in their life ha


  8. pirublood187 says:

    I think Bill is right and isn’t egotistic, just portrayed as such. The man created his life, with the help molly Darcy and the family. This man had an amazing work ethic growing up, one which is VERY rare today

    men and women like this don’t just happen to fall into this kind of success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they work the long hours, stay in the office till 1am on christmas eve, wake at 6am to get stuff done on their day off!! and they dont party every night, smoke and act the bollex

  9. UCCRC88 says:

    Bill has a point, but I am not sure he is in any position to be lecturing young graduates who began college with dreams and leave it in disarray.
    This man sits on the DAA board that granted a performance related bonus of €106,000 to CEO Declan Collier, he has also contributed generously to Fianna Fáil in the past ten years.
    Despite what his autobiography might say, Bill is merely an uneducated egotistic, who struck it lucky with the Renault deal.

  10. baizecr1 says:

    this fella is a twat and i wudnt buy anything associated with him or listen to a word of his arrogant tripe

  11. dbermingham says:

    Being a 23 year old unemployed college graduate here in Ireland I am sad to say dat Bill is right. A penny earned is better than a penny lost and every challenge is an opportunity, I suppose i’d better start listening to that… but then again if im getting paid for doing nothing am i really going to work.

  12. 0879861813 says:

    Where’s North from here?

  13. FionnNaSligeach says:

    Is he the fifth Yorkshire man?

  14. clubsandwedge says:

    @ABE4evr hahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  15. kingcobraeire says:

    @Ianjcarroll youre such a hypocrit. you and others here complain about bill talking about hard times yet what the hell are you doing yourself? that show was about the current hard times. youre just negative fools that live to complain

  16. drquinn89 says:

    bill puts it simple tough love is what we need,bill gets the work done hard work always win,

  17. Ianjcarroll says:

    Bill has such a chip on his shoulder. Must have had to many burdocks in the old hard days. Bill you sound like my granny, going on about the hard times…. Get real, its a different world out there, and your so called business of flogging car’s, well thats on the way out also, just like you are my friend…..

  18. matthewcassidy86 says:

    Bill is deadly!

  19. graham640 says:

    bill cullen annoys me he is full of self richous rubish and his i had to earn everything rubish hard done by riddels be quiet bill stop selling your rubish talk

  20. stvpaddy says:

    If work-experience programs are rolled out on a large scale, it is inevitably that companies will find ways to exploit the system. One obvious method would be to take on work-experience graduates in the knowledge of a future expansion in the company. Therefore, when the expansion occurs, less paid staff will need to be recruited. Work experience programs are valuable to unemployed graduates but need to be treated cautiously to ensure that a culture of free labour does not develop in Ireland.

  21. moss1969 says:

    comment pending but he does sound like one of the 4 yorkshire men from the famous monty pythons sketch?. we had to get up at 4 oclock in the morning blah blah blah!

  22. SINKNINE says:

    During 2011, a net 50,000 people emigrated from Ireland, a level last seen in the eighties and fifties.Speaks for itself.Bill can stick with Fianna Failed.

  23. Shmulvey says:

    The way yer wan talks is like the government is skeletor from He-man.

  24. blaknblond says:

    Bill Cullen is making a lot of sense here and most of you morons dont like the truth…hiding behind your Mammys and Daddys…go get some guts along with some work while you are at it…Im delighted the recession has called a halt to the direction this country was going….the partys over

  25. GallagherWellerBrown says:

    “The ONE thing that young people don’t have comin’ outta college today is the people skills and the working (something, sorry, couldn’t make it out)”.

    Nice display of Bill’s lack of mathematial and grammatical skills there…

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