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Bill Cullen: GSN tribute

GSN salutes Bill in the course of their 2007 “Top Ten Hosts” countdown.
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25 Responses to “Bill Cullen: GSN tribute”

  1. StukInBuf says:

    @gsnman I heard of his death on a Saturday Night as I was driving across from New Jersey to see my grandmothers in Brooklyn; WCBS 880 aired the announcement.

  2. StukInBuf says:

    His specs had to rival Harry Caray’s!

  3. SPM671 says:

    Bill Cullen was the classic game show host. You could put him in practically any game show setting and he would do an outstanding job. His style and humor worked with any kind of show he hosted. And he always seemed to make the shows fun for everyone. He genuinely cared about the people he worked with and the contestants on his shows. His enthusiasm for his shows was almost contagious. And that’s what endeared him to so many people.

    RIP Bill Cullen
    Your legacy will never die.

  4. AdamNedeff says:

    @jamesffxl Regis Philbin told that story during a behind-the-scenes special. The thing about Regis is you can’t tell from his delivery whether he’s being sarcastic or not.

  5. jamesffxl says:

    I heard a rumor that he was the first choice for host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire not knowing that he was gone.

  6. gsnman says:

    @Juliaflo I was almost nine years old when he died.

  7. Juliaflo says:

    @gsnman I was, too. I used to listen to him on the radio when I was a child. (Don’t figure out my age, LOLOLOLOLOL).

    Lest you forget, Mr. Cullen survived a bout with poliomyelitis when survival from this disease was relatively rare.

  8. eshaw2115 says:

    Why isn’t he at least in the top 3 hosts on the list.

  9. ivegotalongdong says:

    i last remember him on joker’s wild. he was startingto slip then. many errors on camera. i think they finally got tired of trying to edit them out – just took too long

  10. Dodgerfn5 says:

    I have to say that Bill Cullen was the best person to host a game show. He was personable, quick-witted, and never complained once. A true class act whom we still miss.

  11. mverno2 says:

    it was on the $25,000 pyramid i think in 1987 or 1988

  12. deluteddotcom says:

    when was his last appearence?

  13. johnalang says:

    I remember his last appearance. He could barely walk

  14. evpsareallaroundus says:

    He always made you feel at home … I sure miss him ..

  15. GarfieldnPyramid says:

    Is 1:40 Bills Cullen $25,000 Pyramid? It looks like $10,000 Pyramid.

  16. allnewtpir says:

    And good thing, otherwise CBS (Cullen Pyramid’s owners) would be mad.

  17. Hondo20132 says:

    You mean, GSN knows about the trading circuit, too?

  18. wlbaz says:

    Is this GSN special on DVD anywhere? Or will it be aired again soon? It looks interesting. :)

  19. AdamNedeff says:

    No, GSN does not have Bill’s version of Pyramid. They actually got that tape from a private collector and got away with it since they were only using a few seconds.

  20. WarioBarker88 says:

    1:40 – Proof that GSN has Bill’s version of “The $25,000 Pyramid” and that the tapes have been converted.
    2:10 – Who are those people?
    2:24 – Great comment during “Pass The Buck” – which GSN needs to air again.

    Great video, although I’ll go with Matt Ottinger and be happy that Bill was even mentioned at all, versus his lack of being #1.

  21. 300palms says:

    Bill was the best. An intelligent, kind and talented man.

  22. BenJabituya says:

    There can never be another Bill Cullen!

  23. WE12WE22 says:


  24. thewipsportsfan says:

    Cullen Barker and Ludden=Tied for #1!

  25. thewipsportsfan says:

    I like Joe Garagiola too. He should have been in More games. He has a good personality and class.

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