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Bigfoot Fight Scene: By Bobby Boggs.

The Six Million Dollar Man The Secret Of Bigfoot
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25 Responses to “Bigfoot Fight Scene: By Bobby Boggs.”

  1. videozfann says:

    come check out the full Bigfoot episode on my page, thanks!

  2. videozfann says:

    @silvereagle2061 Ted was Bigfoot in the followups after this.

  3. rengie123 says:

    @silvereagle2061 im no andra the giant played bigfoot Lee Majors had some funny things to say about that episode on the opie and Anthony show

  4. silvereagle2061 says:

    Ted Cassidy I believe played Bigfoot

  5. psxwarrior says:

    @retrofann1 lol

  6. retrofann1 says:

    @psxwarrior That or she would be going so fast that Steve would bust 5 times before Jamie slowed down.

  7. psxwarrior says:

    Geez, Steve’s lucky his left arm didn’t get broke into a million pieces at 4:57.

  8. psxwarrior says:

    3:04, Steve’s like, “Oh crap!!!”

  9. psxwarrior says:

    @TheTaiyakiGuy Geez, makes me wonder what Steve and Jaime having sex would be like. Slow-mo hump with sound effects lol!!!

  10. Darrenp73 says:

    George W Bush should consider getting Bigfoot to help him clear brush down in Crawford, TX.

  11. Superbatfan says:

    I watched the whole thing back in 1976 as a kid and had no problems.

  12. TheTaiyakiGuy says:

    Pause at 3:28, lmfao

  13. retrofann1 says:

    @flossjw1 Why, Sasquatch is only Andre The Giant with extra hair.

  14. retrofann1 says:

    @outrick Came out for special order on dvd from Time/Life November 23, 2010.

  15. retrofann1 says:

    @southernmagnus true!

  16. retrofann1 says:

    @sammycircle You recall correctly!

  17. valuedopinion says:

    Girls with BIg Boobs are supposed to run in slow motion for crying-out-loud

  18. blackened300a says:

    Looks like the inspiration for MST3K. They are even watch it on a anorositer.

  19. mustangcharger says:

    Those eyes Sasquatch eyes are so frickin’ scary. Then Steve rips his arm off. Creepy.

  20. ColonelRoyCampbell says:

    I guess if I was part of some shadowy group of power players I would also dedicate myself to setting up fights between cyborgs and legendary creatures. Manipulating governments would get old after a while.

  21. markkofi says:

    OMG, I remember watching part 1 in 1976 and then having bad nightmares so my mother wouldn’t let me watch part 2. Never ever seen it since. LOL

  22. flossjw1 says:

    Maaaaan i don’t care what anybody says, SASQUATCH IS STILL SCARY TODAY!!!!! I wouldn’t want to run into that thing at nighttime.Then again, even during the daytime i AIN’T messin’ with sasquatch!!

  23. somejackball says:

    used to watch this all the time back in military school! =P

  24. ghostdancer2302 says:

    Sounds like the 4th of July whenever someone goes flying.

  25. RaYBaSHKatan says:

    Boy does this ever bring back memories… and nightmares, his eyes creeped me out as a kid. One of the best SMDM episodes ever!

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