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Bigfoot Fight Scene: By Bobby Boggs.

The Six Million Dollar Man The Secret Of Bigfoot

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25 Responses to “Bigfoot Fight Scene: By Bobby Boggs.”

  1. vecuccio says:

    Andre was better than Ted as Bigfoot. You can see his zipper when he first takes a swing at Steve and misses ! Hilarious !

  2. drwhostardis says:

    @hulkster46a Oh cool you got the set ! I looked in to them some time back and they where selling them over seas witch kinda made me mad cause they didn’t have them in n.t.s.t format for the usa .
    how much did you pay for them?

  3. hulkster46a says:

    @drwhostardis Yes, I remember the Bionic Boy, (I hated that episode because my name is Andy), plus one of he bullies from my high school days looks just like Van Patten, I did like the one of the bionic dog. I haven’t watched those episodes yet. I bought the dvd set last week, they are on season 5, and I’ve just started watching season 4.

  4. drwhostardis says:

    @hulkster46a Remember the bionic boy and the bionic dog?

  5. hulkster46a says:

    @drwhostardis agreed, The show is timeless, except for the pollyester suits Steve wears. lol

  6. pitbullwinkle says:

    I loved Ted Cassidy good ole Lurch

  7. TheDreamMechanic says:


    I was thinking the same thing…and for some reason that episode of The Incredible Hulk when he met and fought that other hulk dude. Creeped me out.

  8. TheDreamMechanic says:

    So, so 70s.

    I love how they make that *ching-ching-ching-ching* bionic noise when he stumbles out of the river he couldn’t quite make it over. Nice touch! =)

  9. kiasky1 says:

    @PRIMAL88 me too

  10. drwhostardis says:

    @ShaneIrwinPhoto Yeah me too, i never missed a episode , bionic man was the coolest when i was 8-10 years old . laughable now , but still fun to watch these clips on you tube . I wouldn’t change those years for anything .

  11. ShaneIrwinPhoto says:

    @drwhostardis Yeah that’s pretty dang funny I’ll say. I was thinking the same. I can’t believe I used to watch this so intently as a kid. I guess back then it was good.

  12. drwhostardis says:

    Nice sound affects ……… echoing bongo drums , cymbals and bottle rockets !

  13. videozfann says:

    @iryanjones Thanks, but I already know all this.

  14. iryanjones says:

    @videozfann And Richard Keel was Kenneth Johnson’s first choice as the Hulk. Richard Keel was Jaws in one of the James Bond film’s. There is one scene in the Hulk pilot where the hulk is pushing down a tree and that’s Richard Keel and not Lou.

  15. snerfjudd says:

    i was already afraid as a kid and of sasquatch AKA bigfoot and this made me even more scared,i loved six million dollar man! i couldnt even go camping as a kid and when i did i was up all night in fear of damn sasquatch. LMFAO!

  16. robthefirefly says:

    @robthefirefly ….check that…it was the return of bigfoot with sandy duncan and lindsey wagner…not the original bigfoot….

  17. robthefirefly says:

    we were at universal studios and they stopped the tram to let us watch this scene being taped. no acting though. lee majors wasnt there. andre was leaning against that big rock smoking a cigarette and sandy duncan walked by and said hi to us…it was 76 in early july…..

  18. videozfann says:

    @doug47130 You would on my page!

  19. videozfann says:

    @lildrummer54 you can watch the whole thing on my page.

  20. videozfann says:

    @GrnXnham This is Andre The Giant. Lou’s first acting role was the Hulk.

  21. videozfann says:

    Happy Birthday Lee Majors! 72

  22. creationfive says:


  23. creationfive says:

    Sounds like he stepped on a bunch of wooden broom handles at 1:18….love the foley work…. :)

  24. jdp201eliz says:

    i used to pretent i was him when i was a kid in the 70′s. ant throw things whissssss wadddddda

  25. KevinHCinematography says:

    I am a believer!!!

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