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Big Valley Jamboree Disaster Heartfelt Press Conference

Storm in Camrose, Alberta, Canada at the world famous country festival “Big Valley Jamboree 2009″ (near Edmonton, Alberta) causes destruction and collapse of main stage. An estimated 20000 people were attending and camping out at this concert event when the incident happened. Billy Currington was just leaving the stage when it collapsed, causing one person to die, and dozens to be injured. This is the official press briefing describing the incident, along with a heartfelt message from the concert organizer. Kevin Costner’s band was about to go on stage when this incident happened.
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25 Responses to “Big Valley Jamboree Disaster Heartfelt Press Conference”

  1. laserheart says:

    Have you attended?

  2. dba120466 says:

    I’m not sure about this being a country Music Festival, it is more of a nude show, with people running around, drunk and having their private parts hanging out, lots of room for improvments

  3. StageDKx says:

    i can only agree

  4. skyismine02 says:

    No one is at fault in this situation mother nature cannot be controlled.We spotted this storm coming in from the west and I knew it was gonna be a bad one.

  5. dba120466 says:

    Why did’nt the Country SUPER Stars Stop The wind

  6. imsolost1000 says:

    then show some compasion for the dead and injuried

  7. SovietDouchebag says:

    I volunteer at an orphanage in my spare time.

  8. PSIboy66 says:

    well, at least this wasn’t during the week of capital ex where the storm was more severe. here east of edmonton, it wasn’t that bad, just a lot of wind.

  9. SherrieLeaLaird says:

    karma dude….go see fema camps
    you might be the first one in there.
    learn some humility cause some sad shit is about to go down

  10. kennykenkenz says:

    You don’t make any sense. The video was coverage of results of a storm, and regrets after a woman was killed. What does that have to do with Americans? So we all want to be Americans eh? I’m marrying an American and there’s no way he would agree with your ignorant statement. Hahaha you’re silly.

  11. imsolost1000 says:

    you ahole. you are an absolute jerk. when some one dies it is a GREAT LOSS and misfortune. the fuckin person your talking about is a human being not a FUCKER. my only wish is that it had been you there instead of that person. you are the most ingorent disrespectfull person EVER.

  12. Anglebuddy18 says:

    I was camping about 15 mins away at Cow Lake when the storm hit my camp and a tree fell on a little girl in her tent and pinned her under the tree it broke her back.

  13. scarypeople8 says:

    sry i meant to say as

  14. scarypeople8 says:

    i was there ….. i left BVJ as soon ass it got crappy out..which was about 5 mins. before this happened

  15. markymarkwahlberg says:

    Wow. Happy I went last year and not this year. That would be some scary shit.

  16. laserheart says:

    News came in recently that Environment Canada notified them of a possible storm at 6:05.

    That was minutes after the stage was already destroyed!

  17. kirkygirl says:

    Oh my God, I am so so sorry. *hugs*
    My sincere condolences.

    Aug 03 09 2239 PST

  18. kirkygirl says:

    I’m feeling really bad right now for the manager of the Jam and for the family of the deceased. It’s so tough watching this great man just barely keeping it together. It must be really super tough for him knowing that he could have been there faster, gotten the warning out sooner etc. But, I don’t blame him one bit for the one person who died, all things considering.

  19. sven0110 says:

    2012 get read

  20. SatiricalTruth says:

    Were in same page afterall. Peace be with you. :)

  21. x0xCatoux0x says:

    and down goes the earth.

  22. BankruptBoy says:

    Woh, I just found some amazing new rappers on YouTube. Check it out, this shit is tight.


  23. dhesaka180 says:

    get ur facts straight
    i was replying to some idiot who was like “all humans need to die”

  24. bplayer47 says:

    needs their pills? oh sorry one person dead, app 150 injured as of today.

  25. dhesaka180 says:

    someone need their pills

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