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opening intro to Bewitched
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Bewitched”

  1. JBluva9999 says:

    Whats her name

  2. paktype says:

    @Animalcrossing95 : Nobody could – even the little girl who later played her daughter Tabitha had to use her finger to move her nose.

  3. paktype says:

    Never liked this show. I just never found it funny.

  4. Animalcrossing95 says:

    i could never do the nose thing she does XD

  5. wasteland70 says:

    Home sick from school in NY circa 1980!

  6. FaithIsAnnoyed says:

    One of my favourites from the classic sitcom era. I still watch it everyday on TV.

  7. RetroJenny says:

    @baraxor I liked Dick York better too. Sargent was too laid back and didn’t get upset as easily.

  8. NotATube says:

    @DisneyBlackJet; If you like 60s culture and dislike some modern stuff, that’s fine. But if you never actually lived through that era, I’d be wary of conclusions like “60′s kids had it all” on the basis of the popular media that tends to only emphasise the good bits and forget the boring or downright unpleasant aspects. (This applies to 70s and 80s nostalgia too; I’m only(!) old enough to remember the 80s myself!)

    I’m not having a go at you so much as saying, don’t over-idealise any era.

  9. crowsfan2011 says:

    sure was a great show

  10. cheeriosinabowl says:

    The theme song was great ! And so was the show.

  11. TRASUPO says:

    Correction that’s 19 idiots.

  12. fortotilia says:

    i love it amazing a good memories

  13. silentevil77 says:

    Back when tv was good!

  14. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:

  15. baraxor says:

    Dick York was more entertaining…his manic eyes and wiseguy mannerisms made him look like he was about to go postal at any moment, so he was an excellent foil to Endora. Dick Sargent in comparison seemed too nice (or dull) for the role.

  16. PhoenixBird50 says:

    why are there so many non-applicable comments here? weird!

  17. njlee8785 says:

    @No1KCfan6 this version of the theme song when it originally aired back in the 1968-1969 season, was a sponsored theme. Normally sponsored by Kodak, the announcer would come in at the part that is cut off in this opening when it went into syndication. There is a video of it uploaded in its entirety with the sponsor tag as well.

  18. No1KCfan6 says:

    how come the theme song gets cut off at the end?

  19. Pignoah says:

    @DisneyBlackJet yeah pointless purism is cool

  20. Dilo22 says:

    @willowbreeze121 I didn’t even read your essay, as I don’t give enough of a shit

  21. boffinme80 says:

    @Dilo22 tv. Tech still hadn’t moved on a long way even back then. But now we are technology mad, we now have iphones, ipods, cell phones, and people think it’s okay to download movies for free which is actually illegal. I tell you, tech is NOT always a good thing. It can get you into trouble if you use it the wrong way. You wonder why people are so miserable and want to commit suicide is because tech has fucked up society. Yes there are good sides of tech but it’s basically unlimited now.

  22. boffinme80 says:

    @Dilo22 How is that stupid thinking?? It’s his/her opinion. And I agree. CGI is too digital. It kind of ruins the tv past and cartoons actually give out more imagination than graphics now. Because if you look at it, all people care about is graphics, not about the storyline or acting. Some people don’t want to move on with the times, I mean look how far we’ve come from the 60s. The only new tech people had was tv and that was it. During the 80s and 90s there were still records and analogue**

  23. Dilo22 says:

    @willowbreeze121 That’s really stupid thinking. If everyone thought like you did, we’d still be in the stone age.

    I’m all for nostalgia, and I think TV was a lot better in the 80s and 90s for the most part, but thinking something more primitive is flat out better and the way to go is just dumb, At least, in terms of tv, video, games, etc.

  24. CLLIB says:


  25. PointsofData says:

    @willowbreeze121 Totally agree. The CGI is nice, but it just can’t compare to stuff like this.

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