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Bewitched: ‘Samantha goes south for a spell’ Part 1

A wonderful Bewitched episode…enjoy

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25 Responses to “Bewitched: ‘Samantha goes south for a spell’ Part 1”

  1. andrelebaron says:

    this show inspired Mad Men.

  2. oneminuteworkout says:

    Bewitched meets the Jeffersons…Samantha Darrin Weezie and George!!

  3. Astraldragon1 says:

    @SuperTornado2212 , yes that’s Jack Cassidy, David and Shaun Cassidy’s Dad.

  4. Astraldragon1 says:

    From the point after Samantha puts the note on the staircase and after Darrin wakes up you see just the back of Samantha walking to the door and it’s clear it’s not Elizabeth but a stand in a wig. because the hair doesn’t look real from the back.. my guess is Elizabeth busy changing into Serena’s outfiit. by that point. who appears seconds later.

  5. LucaBlightBadass says:

    I love dick york, didn’t know till recently that he worked through bewitched with a real painful spinal injury which he ended up colapsing on set and thats what made him quit acting!

  6. sweetiepie1610 says:

    watched this show whenever it was on and trely miss it

  7. nanabonsu07 says:

    illuminatic video,and ppl are happy to watch it.wake up ppl

  8. chucky7608 says:

    @SuperTornado2212 Yes. It is David Cassidy’s dad. Jack Cassidy

  9. PokeXpertoX says:

    there bringing this back

  10. RonaldBarone says:

    @thecarolinabull01 Oh Please, look at the time we are talking. Back in the time they didnt have anything besides their own beauty and talent. Today with the help of a computer and lots but lots of cosmetic help you can look perfect. Look at Beyonce. serious, I don’t know what she has been doing but she looks like white latin woman from south america
    Elizabeth was not just a great actress but she was natural, she was beautiful, and what we are seeing now, is what she really looked in real life.

  11. SuperTornado2212 says:

    Is Isabel Sanford’s master David Cassidy’s dad? I think it’s him.

  12. Samalu17 says:

    nobody knows anything about this not even me

  13. amesguy515 says:

    Louise Jefferson?

  14. BlackDaddy634 says:

    You better cast that spell, Bru-Hilda….

  15. michellesvideosuk says:


  16. lionesss666 says:

    she was pretty!!

  17. paulben08 says:

    I love the episodes where they go all out with the spells with the theatrics etc.

  18. avillalobos3 says:

    @thecarolinabull01 She is prettier and classier than megan fox

  19. thecarolinabull01 says:

    @davidn87 That was just the only name I can think of off the top of my head.

  20. davidn87 says:

    @thecarolinabull01 Cal me gay, but I have not once found anything attractive about Megan Fox…

  21. gojoe283 says:

    @02chevyguy I have a ’69 Corvair Monza sport coupe, daily driver, rust free 62K original miles…one of the last ones made. Great car, it’s the only car I haven’t gotten bored with over the years!

  22. 02chevyguy says:

    @gojoe283 I love seeing all those great Chevy’s. It’s hard to believe they’re now 42 years old when back then they were brand new. The episode I like the best for showing those cars is the UNICEF episode. Sam’s backing into a parking space driving a green ’69 Camaro RS. The other parked cars were a ’69 Chevelle SS (with a convertible top), Corvette, 4-dr Caprice, and a white/brown Camaro SS.

  23. 02chevyguy says:

    I can’t believe Sam would stick the note on the banister with a bulletin board pin.

    For the longest time, a friend of mine thought Liz and “Pandora” were two separate people. He was literally shocked to find out it was Liz, and commented how much Serena looked younger than Sam.

  24. 02chevyguy says:

    @macraeman At last check 4 months ago, she was still in the car…patiently waiting for someone to take her in and to the bathroom.

  25. christheone8773 says:

    @smittyk68 The whole idea for Serena came about in the show’s first season, when Samantha was parading around in public in a dark wig and everyone thought that Darrin was cheating on Samantha – Serena didn’t make her official debut until the second season, in the episode, “And Then There Were Three”, telecast on January 13, 1966, the episode where Tabitha was born also-

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