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Best Wheel Of Fortune Contestant EVER

One of the contestants cancelled and the good people at ‘The Wheel’ decided to pull a crack addict off the streets to play…at least that’s my assumption. Have you ever seen Pat so amused and confused before?

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25 Responses to “Best Wheel Of Fortune Contestant EVER”

  1. cavaliersfan08 says:

    holy shit he won nightrider

  2. coolgamer1677 says:

    Where’s the third game he was in?

  3. davidwmb says:

    @brunn22 yeah thats because he used his free spin (see it at 4:32)… When you landed on bankrupt you would loose all your cash and prizes but you get to keep your ‘free spin’

  4. MagnusRene76 says:

    I believe in Jesus! Halo, Calf. Walk lol

  5. dastaylor says:

    He isn’t that off considering that he freakin won the game!

  6. yellow85 says:

    ps… i love the fake “Oooo’s” at 2:26 lol… man i miss the 90′s.

  7. yellow85 says:

    everyone keeps calling raymond a “crackhead” or saying “he has mental problems”… however, crackhead and/or mental problems dude raked in the wins for quite a while on WOF- and you can’t be too slow to do that.

  8. wcjoey says:

    getinthecar getinthecar

  9. brunn22 says:

    ??? Did anybody notice that Raymond landed on bankruypt and kept on playing???

  10. oldstock1607 says:


  11. bbforky says:


  12. Ragitsu says:

    I miss the old Wheel of Fortune music. Anyone else?

  13. ItsFrankieBoy says:

    The guy is half a retard

  14. davism5 says:

    That dude is a little too uppity for me! He probably blew all his winnings and his car on drugs.

  15. luvrip4life says:

    @Pr0ject2 LMFAO

  16. hawanja says:

    They should give Raymond his own show.

  17. ThaMidnightRider says:

    He sounds like Leon Phelps and acts like Michael J. Fox

  18. daoriginalaidaman says:

    Wow, anyone that doesn’t know that a walk is a thing should not be posting on Youtube. “Do you wanna go out for a walk?”

  19. 9189erbear1195 says:

    “oooohh…..aaaaahhh” that car is crap. lol

  20. TheJcp1234 says:

    94 Dodge Stealth. LOL!

  21. MrChicagosports1 says:

    Good for him, it’s good that they treated him great.

  22. DrDioxin says:

    OMG that’s Snoop Dogs Dad!

  23. henrypittman says:

    He was the best!!!!

  24. drsangres says:

    Just pick a c, a d, whatever the hell come across your head and an a… and you win EVERY SINGLE GAME!! hahaha

  25. darrylhaynes says:

    you are right…he was a great guy.

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