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Best Wheel Of Fortune Contestant EVER

One of the contestants cancelled and the good folks at ‘The Wheel’ decided to pull a crack addict off the streets to play…at least that’s my assumption. Have you ever observed Pat so amused and confused before?
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25 Responses to “Best Wheel Of Fortune Contestant EVER”

  1. near10 says:

    crack is whacked!!!

  2. 19danflo says:

    it’s not even TT… what a waste i’d just sell the pos

  3. marcus101ize says:


  4. azngolfer08 says:

    remember when cars given away were awesome and NOT the chevy aveo?

  5. ulongkoror says:

    having the catergory “thing” doesnt really tell crap

  6. HispanicImpression says:

    His sur name shouldn’t be Taylor, but PIMP FACE.

  7. JeckleMunopker says:

    @KSeigY you can go for a “walk” which makes it a thing

  8. JeckleMunopker says:

    @KSeigY you can go for a “walk” which make sit a thing

  9. EastmanFilm says:

    But it is very possible that Raymond is autistic. Considering this…

    He seems like a savant.
    He does not make eye contact.
    He has unusual movements.

    Many people in my family including me are autistic. I know.

  10. EastmanFilm says:

    @KSeigY In the sense of “I’m going for a walk”, it is.

  11. wildman60 says:

    Raymond definitely has a form of autism. Notice how he doesn’t look people in the eye when he speaks to them. A common trait.

  12. Echo0502 says:

    He’s not still cruising around in it….he’s living in it

  13. nutbug12 says:

    Actually, a “walk” is something that happens in baseball, so yes it can be a thing.

  14. cookiepowerman says:

    put those Ls on there lol

  15. killustrator says:

    “thing”… walk?! What the fuck. That’s quite a stretch.

  16. Mcissel says:

    2:49 “Hello!’ I love the way he says it. I agree with the uploader, Best Contestant ever!

  17. rockhoward224 says:

    Wouldn’t you all be shamed if this was a vietnam spec ops commander with head trauma?

  18. acenace24 says:

    Dodge Stealth=Sports Car, thats like Rosie O’Donnell=Model, just saying

  19. acenace24 says:

    Wow, Micheal Jacksons dad was really messed up

  20. KidsWithGuns1992 says:

    That’s fucking ridiculous, “walk” isn’t a thing it’s a fucking action.

  21. ciaran514 says:

    @KSeigY Definition: route or´╗┐ place for walking!!

  22. bobbysox321 says:

    note to self: drive very carefully around 1994 green dodge stealths

  23. bobbysox321 says:

    note to self: drive very carefully around 1994 green dodge stealths

  24. RoC1909 says:

    This guy is “Rain Man”….in a crack addict sort of way.

  25. youarelovedSOmuch says:

    Well I don’t mean to be technical, but walk can be both a thing and a verb. If you walk across the street, it is a verb. If you go on a walk, it is a noun, and go is the verb. Look it up in a dictionary to see what I’m talking about. I can see where you’d be confused though; those verb/nouns are a bit tricky.

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