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Best of Solid Gold: Season 3 – Vol.2 HQ

Re-post of an older video now with High Quality viewing option The hottest countdown routines plus the ending credits from the ’82-83 season. Featured Dancers: Kahea Bright Pam Rossi Deborah Jenssen Chelsea Field Gayle Crofoot Alexander Cole Darcel Wynne Tony Fields Trish McFarlin Janeen Best
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25 Responses to “Best of Solid Gold: Season 3 – Vol.2 HQ”

  1. Daehawk says:

    Loved this show :)

  2. diagreen says:

    girls are so yummy

  3. clarky23 says:

    They would have to had paid Billboard magazine royalties to use their official charts on the show, so they (quoting the end of the show) compiled the rankings of hit songs after reviewing standard industry sources. Translation: Our chart won’t be accurate and don’t care because the dancers are hot. I remember watching this show on Saturday nights for the dancers, then tune into Casey Kasem and American Top 40 on Sundays for the real charts.

  4. nes11727 says:

    @HairH2O :)

  5. HairH2O says:

    @nes11727 If you mean the way the girl at 1:00 was moving that is how Tina Turner moves.

  6. HairH2O says:

    @LonesomeTroubadour Beyonce’s fans have this thing with Beyonce. They feel people from 80 years ago some how was inflenced by Beyounce?

  7. nes11727 says:

    @LonesomeTroubadour :)

  8. LonesomeTroubadour says:

    @nes11727 Or rather, Beyonce dances like her.

  9. CAMARO30082 says:

    man would ya look at all those hairy pussy’s! hell yeah! =^..^=

  10. planetrockford says:

    Check out the U.K version Pans people.

  11. gravelandgrain100 says:

    Why didn’t the countdown match up with Billboard at the time. I wanted to ask this question for a long time as Michael jackson was on the top 5 on Billboard almost constantly at this time.

    I always wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer-great show, I feel old.

  12. arancienne says:

    LOL can’t believe they’re on live to dance!

  13. unsplintered says:

    my favorite thing to do when i was little was make fun of them and now that im older my favorite thing to do is make fun of them!! LOLLOL

  14. ronafer69 says:

    @OldSoul1979 The 2 male black dancers were Cooley 1983 – 1986 and Darryl Wright 1986-1988.

  15. nes11727 says:

    The blac girl dances like beyonce…..

  16. truck2112yes says:

    Watching this makes me feel sooooo old :(

  17. TheBobbiemac says:

    @OldSoul1979 thanks.

  18. OldSoul1979 says:

    @TheBobbiemac …Yes, there were two black male dancer…Coolio-1983-86 and one other guy(I do not remember his name) 1987-88.

  19. TheBobbiemac says:

    1/6/2011 Song: Goody two shoes lol

  20. TheBobbiemac says:

    my the songs..”I keep forgettin’ we’re not in love anymore.”

  21. TheBobbiemac says:

    There was a black male dancer…right?

  22. TheBobbiemac says:

    @Diego357mag I know right.

  23. lbCharmed1 says:

    @OldSoul1979 It’s Jamilah Lucas. She was a ‘fill-in’ dancer during season 3 for about 3 or 4 episodes and then returned in season 5 and went on to finish the shows run.

  24. OldSoul1979 says:

    @lbCharmed1 …Who is the other black chick, outside of Darcel, dancing in the group with Pam, Debbie, Kahea and Gayle at 4:42-.5:45..I do not remember her being a perm. dancer?

  25. Diego357mag says:

    These girls were sooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!! Legs for days. Whoooooaaaa!.

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