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Best of Solid Gold: Season 1 – Vol. 2

The hottest countdown routines plus the ending song from the 1980-81 Season.

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25 Responses to “Best of Solid Gold: Season 1 – Vol. 2”

  1. mightyjoe911 says:

    That black chic w long hair…Damn I wanted to fuck her..

  2. mommyleo says:

    How much I loved this show!!!!
    Wonder what happened to the dancers!!
    Always wanted to be one!!!
    Spinnin to music -Spinnin to gold-Solid gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xxxxxSOLID GOLD 4EVERxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. nickpa1 says:

    @DirkDiggler1102 __ i must have jerked off a thousand times to that show (the brunette in the red cowboy hat was my favorite. i think her name was debra) it was tough to get it timed right to pop during one of her segments.

    innocence indeed

  4. bucky468 says:

    Got any of the SGD’s dancing to “Legs” by ZZ Top? That one I’ve gotta see!

  5. melcoba says:

    We used to watch Solid Gold every Saturday in Barranquilla, Colombia.
    Darcel was my favorite dancer, this girl can MOVE!

  6. qualifiedtowotk says:

    Did anybody see the Kool and the Gang ” She’s Fresh” video? Was that Darcel doing the dance in the video or was that a chic that looked like like her? Someone tell me if you know.

  7. qualifiedtowotk says:

    My favorate Solid Gold Dancer. The only black girl out of all the dancers. If I’m not mistaken her name is Darcell. Man!! I had such a flaming crush on her when I was a teenager. She also reminded me of a girl I liked in middle school. Can somebody please lend me a time machine? If you do I will pack my bags and move back into the 80s

  8. dawnye1 says:

    I use to love watching the solid gold dancers

  9. rickjr37 says:

    @GoThunderkit Tony Fields.the dark haired guy,died of cancer back in the ’90s And,no,he never did porn. No one knows what happened to Alexander Cole,the redhead,after he left though

  10. MeesterChum says:

    hahahaha i like how almost every dance was sexy. james taylor’s “her town too” is my new favorite stripper song.

  11. unique74muzik says:

    ps: props for the Midnight Special mention..cant forget ROCK CONCERT..Soild Gold was a great mixture of Soul Train, AB + Midnight Special with a pinch of Playboy After Dark but in Vegas mode..

  12. unique74muzik says:

    lmao! that theme is like at 250BPM before Soul Train really started getting risque..Solid Gold already had the market cornered..this show was corrupting me at 7 years old and I was LOVING IT!! legs and thighs high!!

    they gotta dig up the Marilyn Mccoo + Toni Tenille episodes PRE Dionne!! Miss these times dearly..kinda bittersweet watching this..

  13. stevel738 says:

    Yeah, yeah he really was. I unfortunately only know of him thru scopes, since I never lived in LA, which explains why I didn’t recognize his voice at first.

  14. AZAndrewG says:

    Now that’s one of the biggest understatements I have heard in a very long time. Robert W. Morgan was one of the greatest radio DJs that ever lived. RIP 1937-1998

  15. stevel738 says:

    Wow, Robert W. Morgan? I’m glad he told me because I did not recognize his voice. He was a great AM DJ back in the day.

  16. SuperDancer33 says:

    Remember this when I was a teen used to love the dancing at the time it used to look good cool.

  17. Kimmell2010 says:

    Kahea was the best…what legs!

  18. jamessmedley82 says:

    These fine ladies must be in their 50s now, but I wouldn’t mind boning them !

  19. kennethmiller00 says:

    Pam and Darcel were my fav. female dancers. They both looked gr8 thin or curvier as the years went by (-:

  20. freddythecanine says:

    rosie o donnell

  21. reanimate280 says:

    those lady dancers were smoking cigs……..oooohhhhh I’m tellin

  22. reanimate280 says:

    I am younger I was born in 84 so i dont remember this show but I was so curious to see how that chick u mentioned aged…I googled her name ..hey she is still very doable albeit a little meatier but she still looks good for her age thats for sure

  23. Cheuvin says:

    this is my favourite count down

  24. kennethpaige says:

    Pam Rossi

  25. MiamiPush2theLimit says:

    aww, I loved Midnight Special. It was like a big party on TV. Miss those days.

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