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Best of Solid Gold: Season 1 – Vol. 1

The hottest countdown routines plus the ending song from the 1980-81 Season.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Best of Solid Gold: Season 1 – Vol. 1”

  1. millennialgirl says:




  3. cubearinthecity5 says:

    @812mistyeyes love what u said!

  4. cubearinthecity5 says:

    @buddyboy55… i second that…

  5. rockerlee says:

    @desperategirl932 Not only was Double Fantasy only released a little while before he was killed, but artists have posthumous singles/releases all the time. As I type this, Michael Jackson has a new single on the Hot 100, released 17 months after his death.

  6. ayajedi says:

    I watched this show as a kid

  7. 812mistyeyes says:

    Id rather watch the old tvs shows here in YT than watching Jersey shore
    Here you can learn how to dance too

  8. emymummy says:

    i agree ressnixon the 80s are the best :) they had great shows then

  9. caridyer13 says:

    WTF!! LOL!!

  10. larrystarstruck says:

    @SolidGold1980 You would be correct. It was and stayed in the charts for a long time after he died.

  11. MrPecoso1974 says:

    thanks for including the credits, too. it was like I was back sitting on the couch by my dads stinky feet on a Saturday night long, long ago. What’s on next? Love Boat?

  12. turbo1964 says:

    So what was #1?

  13. wendileona says:

    The dancer on the far left in in the start and second song and at 1:52 at the far right, she was in Rod Stewart’s Tonight I’m Yours video towards the end, he’s like singing to her in the video. Just a little video factoid.

    Boy does this take me back to my Solid Gold-Atari 2600 playing days!

  14. SG1dayagain says:

    You left out the #1 song on count down? Could you post it?

  15. bauble24 says:

    @SolidGold1980 It was released in September 1980 and John passed on the following December 8

  16. archy2008 says:

    Please comeback Solid Gold Archy from Chile

  17. JEEminn3000 says:

    the only two dancers i know is the lovely darcel and cooley jackson (michael jackson’s cousin…i guess)

  18. citizenfitz says:

    Man, those hot Solid Gold dancers are all blubbery old women now!

  19. tanquantwal says:

    I used to love Solid Gold. Every Saturday watching this and Puttin on the hits. I remember being in the mirror tryng to dance like the Solid Gold dancers. Great times!!!!

  20. aircap says:

    @SolidGold1980 An artist’s death does not disqualify him/her from having a hit record — if lots of people buy it, it’s a hit. Elvis, Buddy Holly, the Beatles and many other artists have had top ten hits even decades after their deaths/breakups. Lennon was killed in Dec. 1980.

  21. marktoddy519 says:

    oh gosh …Saturdays at 7:30 pm…I cand die now

  22. DarthDrizzt says:

    damn those girls were smokin hot

  23. bucky468 says:

    Lucky b*stard! He got the best view of all those SG dancer hotties. In the words of Rod Stewart “some guys have all the luck.” Ain’t that the truth.

  24. chairmanofthebored1 says:

    Oh my goodness, Darcel, hmmm. Wasn’t that the black dancer’s name? I think I might have had a crush on her at the time, lol.

  25. desperategirl932 says:

    @LAWoman323213 of course, just like Elvis and Michael Jackson. They are worth more after death than before death.

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