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Best of Solid Gold: Season 1 – Vol. 1

The hottest countdown routines plus the ending song from the 1980-81 Season.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Best of Solid Gold: Season 1 – Vol. 1”

  1. Tjpepeluis says:

    I like the dances and moves . .
    so sexy . . i remember seeing a
    lady puppet who appears on this Tv Show . . .
    Am i wrong ???

  2. clarky23 says:

    I guess these girls would be considered MILFs now

  3. bigmane1244 says:

    there will never ever ever be another show like dis

  4. catman63879 says:

    good music and scantly clad dancers what more is there not to like huh??

  5. rhyanwood1 says:

    @812mistyeyes You and me both. And these aren’t even from my generation.

  6. Recksieck says:

    When John Lennon was “watching the wheels go round and round”, was he doing it while wearing blue spandex pants?

  7. Recksieck says:

    Anybody here know of a clip of Leo Sayer on American Bandstand where Dick Clark introduced him with: “I happened to catch this gentleman the other night on the Captain & Tennille Show and let me tell you, he is a stone soul gas! Ladies and gentlemen, Leo Sayer!”

  8. MrJames07111 says:

    these girls looked good back in those days,I was too young to hang out late, so i watched this show every saturday night.

  9. PGWARNER says:

    Alright, Climax Blues Band!!!

  10. CAMARO30082 says:

    man would ya look at all those hairy pussy’s! hell yeah! =^..^=

  11. JRPHILLIPS75 says:

    wonder where we got the obsession of countdown shows????LOL

  12. Surrah321 says:

    Hell yeah for the Double Dream hands at 1:13!

  13. ExPunkStar says:

    Thank DOG punk came in full swing guns blazing in the early 80s and put this ridiculous shit to rest. I never thought it could get worse than disco until I heard disco trying to masquerade as rock n’ roll.

  14. fcrim says:

    Haha this is fabulous.

  15. gianthairyvagina says:

    I always masturbate to the white girls.

  16. ILuvMusic4real says:

    I LUV THIS!!!

  17. Jandar says:

    Yes, people actually dancing to good old REO Speedwagon! I’m impressed. Those were the days. I love the 80s.

  18. magnumshifter says:

    Back when women had real tits and a big ole hairy pussy.

  19. siliconsurf says:

    i missed 80′s tv…what the happened to today’s tv? what’s up with the jersey shore shit and american idol bullshit?

  20. Manongjojo says:

    I was in highschool at this time. LOL

  21. im1asshole says:

    Watchin this as an 8 year old, I thought all the dancers sucked. Now as a 30sumthin, whole new appreciation. They’d all get it.

  22. llkk750 says:

    The show was great not only because of the dancing (whether you liked it or not) but they had so much variety within pop music (rock, R & B, country, light contemporary). You just can’t get that anywhere anymore.

  23. gerryvisco says:

    You people are morons. The choreography and dancers on Solid Gold were GREAT! Get a life. I’d love to see YOUR dancing!!!

  24. Mylitla says:

    Funny, as a young teenager I never realized that The Solid Gold dancers wern’t all that good at dancing.

    Anyone know where I can find a HQ version of this video?

  25. coolandbored says:

    their choreography could be tighter

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