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Best of Match Game: 30 Episodes

Best of Match Game: 30 Episodes


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List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 6.95

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Review by Kimberly for Best of Match Game: 30 Episodes
    For some reason Amazon is taking the reviews for “The Dumb Dora Edition” which is only one disc and placing them on this product. This version is a reprint of the old “Best of Match Game” set which went out of print. The content of the old set & this set is exactly the same. So if you already have the old Best of Match Game set there is nothing new here. However for those who didn’t buy the old set it’s nice to see this in print again.

    I only gave the product 4 stars because I don’t necessarily think the episodes picked are “the best” of Match Game. It seems when picking episodes they went with what famous celebrity was on the panel instead of really funny/memorable moments in many cases. I also think there are too many episodes before Brett & Charles joined in 1973 and then too many episodes after Richard left in 1978. Personally the best for me would be when Brett, Charles, & Richard were all on the panel.

    However there are still some great episodes on this set like the famous “School Riot” episode and the episode when Richard & Fannie pretend to be Brett & Charles. The set also contains the three episodes that Kirstie Alley appears as a contestant which might be interesting to some fans. Not to mention best episodes or not it’s great to be able to watch full episodes of Match Game that are not edited by GSN to add in more commercials and credit crunches.

  2. R. Martin says:

    Review by R. Martin for Best of Match Game: 30 Episodes
    I just received the “Mill Creek, copyright 2010″ version, and there are definitely four discs.

  3. JayWilliams says:

    Review by JayWilliams for Best of Match Game: 30 Episodes
    This Match Game DVD set brings back great memories of all those stars and the antics and jokes of host Gene Rayburn and regulars Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson. Dawson made a wonderful second banana to Rayburn and was a contestant favorite for the Head to Head Match round, which is why he was chosen to host Family Feud for ABC. Hopefully, Mill Creek will pick up where BCI left off and create a second edition Best of Match Game DVD which would bring back more memories.

  4. D. M. THOMAS says:

    Review by D. M. THOMAS for Best of Match Game: 30 Episodes
    I am totally disgusted with MILL CREEK for this dishonest release of the exact same set but in a different box. No where does it give titles of episodes. All they have done is release the same 4 disc set, this time in a cheap hard cover DVD case instead of their cheap cardboard box they used in the initial release. I also blame Amazon for not giving a better description so we would not have been suckered into to buying the same set twice. Why couldn’t MILL CREEK have just selected another 30 episodes out of the hundreds that were broadcast???????

  5. M. Gustafson says:

    Review by M. Gustafson for Best of Match Game: 30 Episodes
    It was so much fun watching these old episodes ! I only gave it 4 stars because although I liked it,I don’t feel it was the “best of”. It seemed like some random episodes thrown together. I think the people who put this together didn’t put enough thought into it or just used what was available ? I liked it because this is the only video of Match Game I was able to find and it was fun to relive those old moments. It would be nice if they could produce a proper collection of this and other classic game shows !? I have mixed emotions on this one. When I purchased this it was $4 and it was worth the price I paid just to see it,but if I truly wanted the “best of”,I would have been disappointed. Gene Rayburn(the host),the contestants and the panel,the clothes,hairstyles and the seventies feel make this all worth while.

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