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Best moment in only fools and horses! Del Boy bar fall

Hillarious clip from the episode Yuppy love of only fools and horses. An absolute classic! ! ! Del boy with trigger and falls through the bar

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25 Responses to “Best moment in only fools and horses! Del Boy bar fall”

  1. Julie21k says:


  2. meekintheweb says:

    God !!!… Is THAT IT THEN ??????? The so-called “6th Best Moment Of British TV” or something in one of those nationwide polls you’ve had around the Millenium ????… Really, be it British or French or American, the “General Public” as we call it will always have me baffled…

  3. Wildhat8 says:

    Ferkin` funny

  4. TheSoundzUK says:

    @RichardElden yeah so crap it had half the population of brtain watching it at one point….

  5. quirpco says:

    LOL – David you’re the best!! – from your biggest fan in Canada.

  6. divkid28 says:

    @TheMadMontage no it was in the script

  7. PattayaDIRTY says:

    He who dares wins.

  8. MrsEmilyKate says:

    no no your cramping my style mate, cramping my style!

  9. traciee100 says:


    The Skys the Limit

  10. xILambyIx says:

    @TheMadMontage Obviously it was.

  11. TheMadMontage says:

    Lol, it wasn’t actually meant to happen but it did and it’s the best.

  12. pkerroban says:

    Best british comedy eva maybe world.on BBC1 every week day da now sky+ the lot of them.

  13. RichardElden says:

    The series was an unfunny piece of fucking crap and it went on for far too long.

  14. TKManUTD1989 says:

    this and the batman & robin scene are the best part from the series

  15. clydefav says:

    best moment in series!

  16. MrRandleini01 says:

    It’s amazing to think originally Trigger wasn’t even meant to be in this scene. It wouldn’t have been the same without him

  17. bluenoze1878 says:

    del boy is a legend!

  18. neaiancu says:

    @x120daysofsodom sorry for being from another country and making the most minor of spelling mistakes

  19. mierab82 says:

    Who needs a “sophisticated” comedy???? The series were simple and funny all round. Thats why people like it. Thats why its a classic in every sense of the word.

  20. MrSockoOck says:

    LMAO when he pops up with half his glass gone

  21. x120daysofsodom says:

    @neaiancu “sofisticated”….thanks for proving my point. consult a dictionary you moron. LOL

  22. johnpompey4eva says:

    @neaiancu your such a dick, such a funny show your just to stupid to realise you pathetic twat

  23. neaiancu says:

    @badbatch78 i saw a list titled “100 greatest tv moments” and this was 7th. came to see it, didn’t see anything special, i said this is only that funny to british people and was called retarded. please TRY to read the original post
    and you’re calling me simple, but yet you’re suspicious about a phrase you haven’t heard before instead of recognising it as a great analogy, depth of mind for distance … it’s a translation from an old romanian saying, “long hair and short mind”, targeted at women.

  24. badbatch78 says:

    @neaiancu either you’re a troll or you’re just plain simple. This isn’t slapstick for the “short-minded” (odd phrase), Only Fools and Horses is a classic situation comedy joined by such masterpieces as Fawlty Towers, The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin, I’m Alan Partridge, Phoenix Nights and Spaced.
    This type of comedy is only simple to those who are such, if you don’t see why this is funny then there is no hope for you.

  25. RStuts304 says:

    28 people fell through a bar.

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