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Bert Parks Gets Heckled At The 1984 World’s Fair

Bert Parks was the host of the Liggett & Myers Pavilion at the New Orleans World’s Fair in 1984. The American Music Show took out mobile insta-cam there and Bert Parks was so cordial talking to such a tiny public access Tv show as ours. Video by Mister Richardson
Video Rating: 3 / five

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7 Responses to “Bert Parks Gets Heckled At The 1984 World’s Fair”

  1. 1069Woodsy says:

    Never gets heckled. He flirts some, though

  2. goukisama says:

    For ’84 that looks good.

  3. 65Dart says:

    he realized early on in he was in deep, and turned it right around on them without skipping a beat

  4. UtbizBogus says:

    if anyone got heckled it was the lame interviewer and his idiotic fat-assed side-kick. Bert kicked your ass in!

  5. Laceydog says:

    Actually I watched the entire interview, and Bert didn’t get hecked for one second. Bert was ALWAYS one class act and Miss America was never the same when he left.

  6. Carycomic says:

    It seems to me that Mr. Parks did most of the heckling (good-naturedly, of course). LOL!

    Seriously, though: I agree with you. He was a true gentleman and a consumate professional. I first heard of him when he hosted the half-hour syndicated series “Circus,” in the early 1970′s. Which, in turn, led to my watching his yearly appearances on Miss America.

    I echo your sentiments regarding the latter, btw. I’ve boycotted watching that special ever since!

  7. burbankfun4u says:

    Wrong title on this one. “BERT PARKS GETS INTERVIEWED”

    No heckling, nothing funny… I sat through the entire boring 5 1/2 minutes.

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