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Benny Hill Theme

The Theme from Benny Hill xD Check out my new vid!
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25 Responses to “Benny Hill Theme”

  1. LuizPauloVGoes says:

    @gilbertobrown ///Sorry :( , next time i will put the Copyright >>> © “all rights and jokes reserved to gilbertobrown” ;D

  2. adem1236d says:

    This is ten times better than justin bieber

  3. gilbertobrown says:

    @LuizPauloVGoes then wow, it spreads fast…but im still mad cause that was my joke to get on the top comments

  4. 666leonelo666 says:


  5. DragomirJtac says:

    @blade7895 hahahaha

  6. MrCoolmatt159 says:

    this song make me feel like being chased by sombody stupid

  7. AustrianRaptors says:

    this isn’t funny …

  8. aselmac says:

    This song turns ANY video into pure lol distillate.

  9. ThePostman729 says:

    I’m gonna go chase my friend around in fast motion with this playing!!

  10. xXheavym3talman1acXx says:

    ok this is for all of you that have played borderlands. in moxxis underdome, we received the super speed upgrade and i was playing this in the background while a friend was being chased by three enemies at outrageous speeds. comedy gold

  11. blade7895 says:

    Time to go wow pvp. lol

  12. katlova4427 says:

    wen i listen to this song i feel INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!!*jumps off building* ok im not

  13. FG10sAdventure says:

    @theroxors19 won’t thumb, but it’s true

  14. Toobal23 says:

    esta cANISON ES La raja es como de videos de chascarros XD

  15. allodolina says:

    @xDeadmauZx …I would have thought you played it when you were having SAX :-D !

  16. allodolina says:

    un gran bel pezzo di sax…mitico Benny Hill, e mitico Drive In, che ce l’ha fatto conoscere in Italia !

  17. xDeadmauZx says:

    i play this song when i’m having sex..yet to get to the end

  18. LuizPauloVGoes says:

    @gilbertobrown you? its possible, i found a comment in another video and i just “reply” it ;D

  19. henrydaved says:

    we’re all scouts on tf2, some mic spammer was playing this, and loled so hard

  20. bwalker117 says:

    Time to go fuck around in Grifball with my friends and spawn camp with this song playing

  21. JayCGuitarman95 says:

    This song is pure awesomeness!!

  22. NinjaMinkzx says:

    @theroxors19 I won’t give thumbs because I dont like thumb whoring, but I will say it did bring me here :P Also, watch is on Ep. 32

  23. SolomontheCreatur says:


  24. TheEMONESS10 says:

    @theroxors19 wtf awesome brought me here

  25. gilbertobrown says:

    @LuizPauloVGoes wtf i started that joke

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