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BEN CASEY Tribute to Vince Edwards

I’m 32 and a big fan of Vince Edwards since I was a little girl. My mom and I watched reruns of BEN CASEY in the 1980′s when I was growing up. Vince was a hunk as well as a great actor. My heart is heavy because we lost him much too soon. I love and miss you Vince. Here are some distributors’ emails you can email and request that Vince’s two tv series “BEN CASEY” and “MATT LINCOLN” be released on dvd. Thank you. Paramount Home Entertainment email: Universal e-mail : Shout Factory : Timeless Media Group : Retro TV Network: THIS tv : MPI Home Video: VCI ENTERTAINMENT : VCI@VCIENTERTAINMENT.COM
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25 Responses to “BEN CASEY Tribute to Vince Edwards”

  1. oceandiver75 says:

    @hippiegirl58 YES INDEED , HE IS THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hippiegirl58 says:

    Vince Edwards’ appearance on the Mike Douglas show on Feb. 1969 has been posted. It showcases what a warm, class gentleman he is.

  3. JCGreenEyes says:

    meant 2 include: in DVD format…thanks

  4. JCGreenEyes says:

    To Spacepatrolman: Thanks for the mention of The Untouchables: ‘The Jake Lingle Killing’
    Yes, I am into Jack Lord…and collect material on him…So if anyone out there has GOOD copies of TV Guestings, Stoney Burke Series, movies, and some Hawaii Five 0 — please contact me — some evil person stole my collection a while back and I’m trying to replace them. I will pay reasonable prices and postage…Thanks

  5. spacepatrolman says:

    @JCGreenEyes if your into jack lord or sitting on the edge of your seat type dramas then watch the jake lingle killing episode of the untoucables they just put it back in here

  6. Rigelcentauri58 says:

    @Rigelcentauri58 and besides, he was a gentleman.

  7. Rigelcentauri58 says:

    @spacepatrolman He was inspiring: A real Doctor who cared about fellow men, fought against illness, tried to cure people¨s mind, heart and spirit not putting money or prestige first. I wish i could be or have a Doctor like him.

  8. spacepatrolman says:

    @terrystrand dr. kildare was merley an intern he didnt have the clout of ben crazy a nuerosurgeon who will step on anyone who gets in his way even dr. zorba he does this to save lives of course [but dont forget that the first dr . kildare was lew ayres a concientious objector in world war 2 who was in 6 battles as a medic .]

  9. spacepatrolman says:

    @Rigelcentauri58 vince said on a talk show that doctors told him that

  10. ayla8251 says:

    loved ben casey.he epitomized the standards doctors still should follow today.

  11. hippiegirl58 says:

    @oceandiver75 Beautiful poem. Thank so much for sharing. I know hundreds of thousands like you and I love and miss Vince.

  12. oceandiver75 says:

    God gave a gift to the world when you were born—
    a person who loves, who cares,
    who encourages and lifts people up,
    someone who touches each life
    and makes a difference in the world,
    because ripples of kindness flow outward
    as each person you have touched, touches others.
    Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
    because you are a special treasure
    for all that you’ve done.

    Happy 82 nd Birthday Vince up there in Heaven !!!!

    I love you and miss you

  13. hippiegirl58 says:

    . Vince was born 82 years ago today. Happy Birthday Vince. You are very much missed and beloved. I only wish that your tv series Matt Lincoln and Ben Casey were out on dvd. I am still working toward that goal. Everyone who views this tribute should make their requests known to distributors. See oceandiver75′s box. We can make this happen. Universal owns Matt Lincoln. I am not sure who owns Ben Casey. Shout!Factory and Timeless Media Group release Universal properties all the time.

  14. hippiegirl58 says:

    @JCGreenEyes I agree that we should start a campaign to get Ben Casey on dvd.

  15. oceandiver75 says:

    Hi HelpMeRhonda52 . THANK YOU for your comment. YES , he was !!!!!

  16. HelpMeRhonda52 says:

    Vince Edwards was the most beautiful man ever!

  17. oceandiver75 says:


    Thank you DavidLW15 for your comments .

  18. davidLw15 says:

    A time when physicians were called “Doctor”, not “providers”. A time when physicians carried utmost respect!

  19. Rigelcentauri58 says:

    You are very wellcome
    and congratulations!!!

  20. oceandiver75 says:

    Hi Rigelcentauri58 . Thank you for your comments .

  21. Rigelcentauri58 says:

    Congratulations for posting!!
    Ben Casey (Vince Edwards) inspired my vocation to be the doctor I am today.
    Thank you.

  22. oceandiver75 says:

    YES please everybody email these distributors and let them know you want Ben Casey and Matt Lincoln out on dvd . Click on more info under my name to view a list of distributors . Vince and his work so deserve this recognition. Thank you for your time .

  23. hippiegirl58 says:

    Timeless Media Group releases unknown tv series with unknown actors all the time. Matt Lincoln, though not well known, was a quality series. Vince Edwards is one of the most popular tv actors in history. Please e-mail Timeless Media Group and let them know you want to see Vince in his tv series,. Thanks so much.

  24. oceandiver75 says:

    14 years ago today we lost a great actor, director, and singer Vince Edwards . My heart still aches and the tears still flow. How I wish you were still here with us . But I know you’re in Heaven free from pain saying I’m with you always . You’re missed by so many who love you . Hope and pray to see your work out on DVD . You deserve it !!! Vince, you will live on forever in our hearts and memories . Thank you for everything . Rest in peace . I love you and miss you .

  25. hippiegirl58 says:

    Remembering Vince Edwards 14 years after his passing. To all who view this tribute, I thank you. It is a crime that neither of his tv series are on dvd, i.e. Ben Casey and Matt Lincoln. Please do your part and e-mail or call distributors. Universal owns Matt Lincoln. Distributors do not get it. The public miss Vince and want his tv series on dvd. The time has come. We can make it happen.

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