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Ben Casey – The Day They Stole The County General [1 of 5]

Ben Casey episode with Larry Hovis creating a cameo as an elevator operator.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Ben Casey – The Day They Stole The County General [1 of 5]”

  1. 1PartAngel says:

    Frist time to see this show. Is it supose to be funny? Ben is handsome.

  2. JubalCalif says:

    How heartwarming to read your comment. The late great Larry Hovis was such a talented performer. I miss him. How sweet & nice of you & liarsclub75 to share this episode with him! Bless you both! :-)

  3. CHOEYSANGEL says:

    does anyone know where i can find the song about Dr ben Casey called
    ”CALLIN Dr CASEY” ” on video . can’t find it any where. please help.

  4. rentslave says:

    For the younger people:The opening symbols-as drawn by Sam Jaffe-were seen as graffiti everywhere in this country where there was an open space.

  5. senoramariposa says:

    Penny is played by Sharon Farrell, Florence on ‘The Young and the Restless’.

  6. flsonn says:

    VCI Entertainment is currently looking into releasing Ben Casey on DVD. It would be a good idea if every fan of the show emails them to encourge them to do so.
    Their email is

  7. hebneh says:

    I remember, as a kid, being impressed at how skillfully the hand drew the infinity symbol on the blackboard. The line joined up so smoothly.

  8. DELIASE1 says:

    My hand is raised !

  9. MelOAyness says:

    Not quite Jon and Kate…

  10. Juliaflo says:

    I second that.

    Those of you who want Ben Casey on DVD or on some retro channel, raise your hand.

  11. vividwatch47 says:

    Does C.B.S./Paramount, who owns the rights to “Hogan’s Heroes” (for which they acquired from Bing Crosby Productions) own “Ben Casey”? If they do, they better put this show out on D.V.D. before it lapses into Public Domain.

  12. vividwatch47 says:

    Earlier, Tone played an alcoholic doctor in an episode of “Ben Casey” who Casey tries to rehabilitate. By the way, Edwards spoke the introduction for the show’s fifth and final season.

  13. Mandi7882 says:

    And Vince has a twin brother!

  14. waverly2468 says:

    During the 1970′s there was a comedy show in Cleveland called “Hoolihan and Big Chuck” that ran a parody of this show called “Ben Crazy”. After they showed the 5 symbols on the blackboard the unseen person wrote a “$” sign and you heard the sound of a cash register.

  15. TIPTON340 says:


  16. haweye79 says:

    At the time I thought that was the greatest opening I had ever heard…

  17. vzeu019j says:

    The intro always started out with “Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity”, which would be an iconic opening title of “Ben Casey”. The voice in that part would be Sam Jaffe, who played Doctor David Zorba{Until 1965 and was replaced by Franchot Tone who played Doctor Daniel Niles Freeland.}.

  18. 1915fas says:

    Thanks a lot for this! Everybody is great in this. The writing is great as well.

  19. amica806 says:

    Nice! Made my father smile! He was a fan!

  20. sevelatula says:

    Thank you for the upload! My era. Much appreciated

  21. nanlisa says:

    I haven’t heard this theme song since the summer of ’66, when I was only 8 years old. They were showing the reruns of it during the day.

    Vince Edwards was also the target of the movie magazines as well. He was first married to that Kathy Kersh (Miss Rheingold of 1962), they had a baby, then they got divorced. He also married that Linda Foster, and he also married and divorced a few more times after that.

  22. FLSON says:

    I do remember Larry wrote me a nice letter after I sent him the tape. Also gave me his phone number. Looking back, I wished I had called him.

  23. FLSON says:

    It was probably me. It’s been a while so I might have sent it to you first.

  24. liarsclub75 says:

    This is the one I sent Larry. It’s the only reason I have the episode. A fan recorded it and sent it to me to give to Larry.

  25. FLSON says:

    I found out that Larry Hovis was looking for this episode of Ben Casey. I sent him a copy about a year before he passed away.

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