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Ben Casey – opening theme and credits

A 1960s Television show on ABC
Video Rating: five / five

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11 Responses to “Ben Casey – opening theme and credits”

  1. illuminatioracle says:

    Starring: Vincent Edwards and Senator Palpatine

  2. KCOliver1960 says:

    i agree with jsbach15. i’m really curious to see how the rest of episode turned out. I do have vague early childhood memories of seeing this show first run during its last two seasons.

  3. jsbach15 says:

    @whiskeyify A couple of ideas. The shows back then had depth of character. You FELT for the characters and you sbecame emotionally connected to them and the storyline. Writer, producers, directors and musicians were of a higher, and more talented caliber than seen today. Also..Physician were more caring. People who got into medical schools back then were extremely intelligent too.

  4. bobszvetics1 says:


  5. jsbach15 says:

    One afternoon while eating in a Los Angeles restaurant, a man started to walk past my booth (semi-circle type, with me facing forward to the aisle) when he dropped something. He picked up whatever it was, then looked at me. I instantly recognized him as Vince Edwards, and Vince knew that I recognized him. Just a fleeting “look” of acknowledgment between a fan and TV star; he was older and died about 1 year later. Sweet moment.

  6. JubalCalif says:


    Sam Jaffe couldn’t have said it any better! THANKS for your comment!

  7. JubalCalif says:

    THANKS for sharing this! This TV theme has always been one of my favorirtes. Very hard-hitting & dramatic (like the one for the British TV show “the Human Jungle”). And what a cast: Vince & Sam! I think later during the show’s run veteran stage & screen actor Franchot Tone took over Sam Jaffe’s role. The late great Vince Edwards certainly was one handsome fella; I’v read that he was a talented singer too, with his own nightclub act for awhile! This was a huge hit in the 60′s.

  8. ayla8251 says:

    man,woman, birth, death, infinity

  9. whiskeyify says:

    I liked watching these shows…of course now we have the real doctor shows but somethings missing.. the old shows were sort of soap operas I guess.

  10. jsbach15 says:

    I’d love to see the rest of this epsiode; or any other Ben Casey episode. It was a great TV series. 10+ stars!

  11. fromthesidelines says:

    I believe this is from the episode “Goodbye to Blue Elephants and Such” [2/5/64]. Actually, before this opening scene (a rape on a hospital nurse that will soon have dire repercussions for her) and title, there was the “LIfe Cycle” chalkboard drawing, narrated by “Dr. Zorba” {Sam Jaffe}: “Man…..Woman…..Birth…..Death…..INFINITY”. At :29, an announcer originally added, “‘BEN CASEY’…brought to you by-” [insert sponsor I.D. here]. .

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