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Bedbugs Part 2

Future Little Feat members Lowell George and Richie Hayward when members of the Factory with Martin Kibbee appear on F Troop as The Bedbugs

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23 Responses to “Bedbugs Part 2”

  1. JuanOmegaIota says:

    @Zubene ~Dude, brothers indeed.

    S Negron

  2. Zubene says:

    Dedicated to Richie Hayward who died this morning, 8/12/2010. RIP Brother

    Mike Jacobus

  3. GBZ10TROY says:

    To funny. Thanks. Big LG fan here.

  4. Bob6stringer says:

    Part 2, too! Way to go, Zube. This is a hoot.

  5. TheDavidBird says:

    It’s not that they don’t like the music, it’s that they always wanted to though things at Agarn. Just kidding.

  6. Ronrazz57 says:

    Roooollllll another one. Just like the other one……………..

  7. GalaxyRover1020 says:

    It’s funny how it’s based in “the old west” yet they’re playing rock ‘n’ roll.
    Great clip, now that I watched it again I do in fact remember this episode as a kid.

  8. upst8 says:

    I remember this episode but never knew about the guys from Little Feat. I’ve always been impressed by Richie Hayward’s funky drumming, is he on drums in this clip? I know what he looks like but cant place it with the straight haired guy in this clip

  9. npspec34 says:

    That is great.
    When does the next stage leave for Boston?
    Bill Payne tells the story of how Lowell had Payne play on The Fraternity of Man’s last album so that they could grab Richie for the first Little Feat album.
    Welcome to Hollywood, indeed!

  10. laughtergoodmedicine says:


  11. cuttock says:

    They did this stupid shit with the Mosquitos on Gilligan’s island and some stupid segmented body dudes on The Flintstones too. Gee, all sorts of garbage jumped on the Beatles bandwagon. Crass.

  12. guitarmaniax says:

    Warren Klein was the other guitarist. Klein, Kibbee and Hayward were also in the band “The Fraternity of Man” most famous for the song “Don’t Bogart Me” from the Easy Rider film. (also covered by Little Feat on “Waiting For Columbus”)

  13. tuttt99 says:

    Please post the whole episode

  14. SkinSinFilms says:

    Is that the freakin ‘Gunsmoke’ set?

  15. lovelymess says:

    This is pretty funny.

    “Bedbugs” sound like 66 Beatles, Revolver period…..

    F Trooop theme song is one of the funniest from the period.

  16. MrAlQ says:

    this rules… I haven’t seen it in years and it’ll hold me over until I get the DVD! I have to check if it’s on here but have you ever seen the Factory do “Candy Cane Madness” on Gomer Pyle?

  17. zenarcade64 says:

    Better than Gilligan’s Mosquitos

  18. moco635 says:

    Is everyone aware of the fact that is Lowell George from “Little Feat” onlead guitar?? when i found this out recently I “bugged out” (pun intended, srry) ..thx alot for posting this!

  19. AK2927 says:

    They sure make a great sound. Those soldiers didn’t know how lucky they were. Who were they waiting for, Bob Hope? They shoulda been freakin’ out! Now those guys in Vietnam, they had TASTE.

  20. tuttt99 says:

    Termites are IN Bedbugs are OUT

  21. regusted says:

    I would be booing Agarn’s Red Buttons imitation rather than the Bedbugs.

  22. beetleeye says:

    Too bad you couldn’t put up the rest of show.
    The best part of this the performace of the
    Wragler Jane and The Termites

  23. bpagac says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Heard about it for years. Now we see it!!

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