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Beautiful LAB – EPISODE in English: The Bold and the Beautiful in 6 minutes

Gorgeous LAB is produced by,, Truth is often stranger than fiction. To get to the point, Gorgeous LAB is a journalistic experiment to untangle the affairs of celebrities. In this episode the whole series of “The Bold and the Lovely” (over 5500 episodes in 23 years) is explained in 6 minutes. Watch the other episodes of Lovely LAB on:
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Beautiful LAB – EPISODE in English: The Bold and the Beautiful in 6 minutes”

  1. netzu51 says:

    haha – now it’s all clear ! :D

  2. MuddleThrough4yrs says:

    I see Taylor and Ridge have managed to divorce their respective spouses in a week in order to marry each other. Again.

  3. Elainiwen says:

    So, a woman sleeps with a man in the middle of disaster because the he tells her that he doesn’t want to die as a virgin? What the… what were the scriptwriters on? For a lot of things?

  4. 0netnet0 says:

    Isn’t all this like… incest?

  5. 123fokus says:

    Very confusing ;)

  6. errorsinconduct says:

    At what point of this video is Brooke pregnant with Nick’s baby? Or does it happen after this timeline?

  7. Davpronk says:

    Brooke for the win :-)

  8. Cammziy says:

    WTF? How many times did Ridge and Brook get married? And one chick died like 3 times. WTF? What a retarded life someone has. :D

    But i give credit to guy who made this video :) Thumbs up :D

  9. Poorlittlegirl says:

    I’m hooked!

  10. The2rps says:

    if you don’t concentrate enough, this shit will look like some serious incest .

  11. ludoludo80 says:


  12. aian411 says:

    Love it

  13. CosmicD says:

    @SaturdayFighter yep add time travel to it and we all have coneheads soon :P

  14. MsAfavors says:

    I LUV IT!!!!!!!!

  15. Butska says:

    Aivan mahtava :D

  16. EvilKatarn says:

    What. The. Fuck?

  17. Harbinary says:

    Tälle hajoamiselle ei näy loppua.

  18. Makkiakelli says:

    yeah give credit

  19. Malkontente says:

    nie wiem o co w tym chodzi

  20. kuormis says:

    oh dear lord…

  21. kamiljakubjamroziak says:

    couldn’t watch this bullshit, stopped after 20sec.

  22. cubek10 says:

    Kto z demotów łapa w górę :D

  23. SaturdayFighter says:

    This show can be so weird..

    And later Brooke finds out she’s Ridge’s mother XD

  24. zulepl says:

    Holy shit, Brooke’s on a horse.

  25. patka5710 says:

    jedyne co mogę wykrztusić to WOW

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