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Beat The Clock Game Show (1/3)

Hosted by Bud Collyer, this fast paced show features simple game play but is surprisingly entertaining. Contestants receive nice prizes as game shows of this era went including the 1954 Sylvania Stratford 21″ television set with halo lighting. This episode is complete with commercials. Clean, wholesome family entertainment. I’d like to have one of those pump action air guns! This video brought to you by hwy61media. Please take a moment to rate this video and add your comments. You can see all of my videos at: Please take a look and subscribe to my channel. If you would like to comment on my channel as well, please do so. Your feedback is important to me. Thanks for watching.
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22 Responses to “Beat The Clock Game Show (1/3)”

  1. MaryTCollins says:

    I’m looking for the Beat The Clock episode where the guy had to wear an overcoat and get a kid’s punching clown up under the coat and out of the top. If they knew how it was going to look, I don’t think it would have made TV back then. LOL

  2. tube1aka1valve says:

    I have one of the Sylvania “Radio Clocks”, like the model on the upper right, the non-lighted panel version. I have a 1964 Halo-light Console TV/ Hi-Fi too, but think by that time the quality was lower compared to 10 years earlier -1954.

  3. WSenator1 says:

    @Sandra33139 – Same here. I loved watching BTC every day in the afternoon. That big old ticking clock used to fascinate the hell out of me! Imagine if this show were on today, with a big, digital clock on the wall.

  4. lissalives says:

    Just shows that nothing is new!

  5. JeopardyandWheelFan says:

    Minute to Win It is just like this combined with the prize ladder on Millionaire!

  6. Sandra33139 says:

    I remember seeing this on T.V. when I was a little kid. Loved it then still love it now!

  7. byrd56 says:

    A rare “necktie moment” for Bud, who usually wore non-tuxedo bowties.

  8. JMFabianoRPL says:

    Does anyone have an episode with the laughing heads opening?

  9. hwy61media says:

    @thefairlysimple1 It sure is!

  10. hwy61media says:

    @pleasedtobe Thanks. It was a good all around show. -Michael

  11. thefairlysimple1 says:

    @hwy61media and the syvania radio, when you compare them with things like the ipod today, lol

  12. thefairlysimple1 says:

    thats interesting about james dean, thanks

  13. pleasedtobe says:

    Fun show. I really liked how the host includes the children through out the time their parent’s are playing the games. Truly a family show.

  14. hwy61media says:

    @saphopoem Thanks Jen. Glad you liked it. Happy Easter!

  15. saphopoem says:

    Thanks so much for these mike! I have wanted to see more of them!

  16. ClassicRockStays116 says:

    @GJNCA That’s amazing!

  17. hwy61media says:

    @GJNCA Fired for being too good. Isn’t that something! Thanks for the information.

  18. hwy61media says:

    @AfsAnehAfairytale I’m glad you found this one entertaining. I did too. I kind of like the simple rules. Thanks Rita :)

  19. hwy61media says:

    @fromthesidelines I was thinking the showed aired in 1954 because of the television model. Close. How about that halo effect?

  20. hwy61media says:

    @GJNCA I replied to this last night. YT glitch I guess. Anyway, I said that this is a great piece of television trivia. You wouldn’t be pulling my leg now, would you?

  21. AfsAnehAfairytale says:

    It’s so cool to watch these old shows. Sure is entertaining. Gread upload Michael.
    I don’t like these new Youtube video page. Why do they always keep changing…..

  22. fromthesidelines says:

    The show aired on Saturday nights at 7:30pm(et), just before “THE JACKIE GLEASON SHOW”. This edition originally aired in December (just before Christmas) 1953. Bern Bennett was the show’s announcer; Bill Shipley was Sylvania’s spokesman. Roxanne Arlen {r.n. Dolores Rosedale} was Bud’s “assistant” and photographer. Those who “beat the jackpot clock” usually won a Sylvania TV set, worth about $500.

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