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BBC Ask the Family members Robert Robinson 70s

BBC Ask da Family members 70s with Robert Robinson & his monster comb-over alongside two odd ball families battling it out! (ps thnx alot to donor of this rare clip)

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25 Responses to “BBC Ask the Family members Robert Robinson 70s”

  1. raystopher says:

    @muchallsufos Its a zither !

  2. raystopher says:

    @muchallsufos Its a zither !

  3. raystopher says:

    @muchallsufos Its a zither !

  4. pilchardcove says:

    If any commentators wonder why English (not British) people in their 50′s have difficulty understanding the ‘youth of today’ it’s most likely due to the fact that we were forced to watch this type of appalling programme before bed time – that’s strictly 9 o’clock, by the way!!!

  5. LouishWaltz says:

    Always used to think this was TYPICAL BBC ; showing middle class families ( father often university lecturer ), with teacher mothers and snotty-nosed kids who thought they knew it all.
    Not for us working class ‘plebs’.

  6. SpicyRocketSauce says:

    And an extra mark for being so clever!

  7. xanderxine says:

    My God its the spotty specky four-eyed tank top brigade!! The countries largest collection of geeks all rounded up and paraded on tv throughout the seventies!!

    Where are these people today…? They are all Liberal Democrats and helping the tories to screw the country for revenge!!!

  8. MistaVista1 says:

    1:13 A most welcome cameo appearence from Ronald Reagan’s Spitting Image puppet…

  9. vanillaorchid says:

    This programme said nothing to me about my life then, or now. Middle class aliens from another planet. And always so funny looking.
    Why did they have those weird question combinations? ‘Next question for mother and younger child only’ – why?

  10. orchardcottage says:

    Frighteningly middle class, chillingly formal, alarmingly clever and wonderfully charming!

  11. UndeadYakboy says:

    The first related video from this is “Welcome to the Smug Hour.” Fitting.

  12. jcpadmore says:

    “….And Mr David Griffiths is a psychotic serial killer….” ;-D

  13. KenMrshll says:

    The days before contacts wre widely available.

  14. sadlersinengland says:

    Giles Smartarse is a Quantity Surveyor and his wife Serena Smartarse is also a Quantity Suveyor. Their two children, Julian (16) and Nigel (14) are both Quantity Surveyors……..

  15. Rotom5000 says:

    They both look old for 14 year olds dontcha think?!

  16. shaftsbury94 says:

    good theme music, i got the first question, then said try for the rugby fishing one…dooooowww

  17. chrisofnottingham says:

    “Why´╗┐ were the mothers always teachers and the fathers professionals? Never saw one where the father was a labourer and the mother works in a pub!”

    Because it is a quiz and they have to know things.

  18. Feisty1967 says:

    It just goes to prove that only ugly people who wear thick glasses have the time and inclination to read books.

  19. BPL1980 says:

    That title sequence is one of the most eery and sinister things I’ve seen on TV. It looked as though on some of the graphics the dad was going to give the wife a backhand.

  20. Enerjee says:

    @tvinsider4 – no, not like now since the commissioning of East Enders. The BBC allows all sorts of unpalatable regional accents now – all the kinds of people who refuse to pay the TV licence. What’s the country come to, eh? Dumbing down and standards lowered. Where will it all end?

  21. mrparsnip says:

    The Griffiths family chill my blood. Royston Vasey residents?

  22. Scrumdidilyumpchious says:

    Their parents look like their grand-parents!

  23. judgenutmeg1977 says:

    @liccleterror Hey, Happy Birthday!
    I must admit, i do like to borrow certain gems from the infamous archives of Viz! I giggle my fucking ass off in a proper schoolboy fashion as i type them.

  24. liccleterror says:

    @judgenutmeg1977 I’m 40 tomorrow and still read it! :-)

    But your reference was a letter I’ll never forget.

  25. judgenutmeg1977 says:

    @liccleterror Busted.
    I’m 33 and i still find it brilliantly funny.

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