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Battlestar Galactica – The Journey So Far

The following video charts some of the highlights of Galactica’s journey. It is very good for fans and individuals who just want to see what the show is all about. Battlestar Galactica: Razor – Airs 24th Nov on Sci-Fi. Battlestar Galactica: Season 4 – Airing early 2008 on Sci-Fi. Battlestar Galactica accessible on DVD. Want to know more about the music? – Just ask and I’ll reply to your comment :)

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25 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica – The Journey So Far”

  1. TheMadStrategist says:

    The Adama maneuver just epic on of the best moves ever and i mean ever!!!
    Anyway really nice video the exodus part was my favorite because you didnt just throw music over it but you kept the original sound best video ever. RESPEKT!

  2. centurion180ad says:

    At 03:28 that monumental discovery could not have been delivered more flat.

    Find a new actress.

    The reaction should been one of cautious and very strained disbelief. “This far out? Don’t tease me do a systems check on our sensor array.” Then, “God’s nobody gets this lucky; what is our fuel state?” Finally, “it’s worth guzzling the reserve to be all the way no way we are wrong sure!”

  3. nicoterradas says:

    11 Cylons already…

  4. chapynl says:

    its a shame I cant watch these episodes for free since I missed them, unless I have to install a site with virusses or whatever may happen… and ofcourse those stupid surveys, And some can only be watched if you are in America:S, I want to see this show:(

  5. cmsahe says:

    This is the best sci fi series since Robotech.

  6. movmakerNeo says:

    4:20 now that’s what i call a Hotdrop!

  7. ducktopia301 says:

    what’s the music at 10:11?
    And it’s a really great video :D D

  8. freelancerxo02 says:

    @Unclesamslair Yeah Dexter is brilliant. Fringe is good, but I think it’s an acquired taste. Totally recommend Rush if you live in Australia – best show on TV. Shame SGU got canx, I think that was the closest thing on telly to BSG. I’m also really enjoying the sci-fi show “Lost Girl” which was recommended to me – it’s nothing like as epic or well written as BSG, but it’s strangely entertaining – interesting mix of light and dark moments. The Big C is also utterly brilliant.

  9. Unclesamslair says:

    @lestat23989 try watching dexter, it’s the only show I’ve watched that even comes close to the level of awesomeness that galactica is

  10. freelancerxo02 says:

    @fanguk2 Sure, PM me and I’ll help you get started.

  11. fanguk2 says:

    @freelancerxo02 Of course, time waits for no-one and all that! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve long been an admirer of your work since your original youtube channel.

  12. freelancerxo02 says:

    @fanguk2 The software I use is Pinnacle Ultimate 14, which doesn’t like mp4 which is the best quality/smallest size file I know so that’s a pain. I recommend Sony Vegas as the best editing software, harder to learn than pinnacle but a better product. Link me to your vid when you make one. I also hope you won’t be disappointed I don’t make BSG vids anymore, there are loads on my channel though – some as recent as 3 months ago. Now I’m vidding different shows.

  13. fanguk2 says:

    @freelancerxo02 Thank you so much! Thing is, I purchased the complete Blu Ray set last year, and don’t really want to shell out on the dvds again – unless I can find someone who owns them, but what you said makes sense.

    Would there be any chance of conversing with you privately further about this sometime? Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it!

  14. freelancerxo02 says:

    @fanguk2 As for Blur-Ray, that would be perfect, but be mindful the file size of that will be huge, so you probably need 1TB of storage to rip the entire series. I personally cut down on the quality massively and still do, I use mpg files on about 5000kb quality at 1080 or 720 resolution. The loss of quality is a problem but it’s a reasonable compromise. To be honest it took me a long time to nail down my personal preferences for this stuff and it was also influenced by my editing software….

  15. freelancerxo02 says:

    @fanguk2 Hi fanguk2, thanks for the nice comment. The song while they’re on New Caprica is Fever Dream by Tyler Bates; the pegasus battles has got Hans Zimmer’s “Gortoz A Ran – J’Attends” playing, but I also layered a drum beat from “Nobody Asks to be a Hero” over the type. I think the song when Tigh is back on the ship is “Lords of Konil” by Bear McCreary.

  16. fanguk2 says:

    @freelancerxo02 PS: The music when Tigh returns from New Caprica is awesome too – who is that? :)

  17. fanguk2 says:

    @freelancerxo02 Well, that makes two of us then, because I thought it was perfect! Can you tell me who it is please? Keep doing what you do, I’m a big admirer for some years now. What software do you use? And can you tell me if Blu Ray would be good to work with, as I presumed you worked with DVD a lot? I have some great ideas of my own and would love to get to work on them next year with a new PC! ;)

  18. ThePacNation says:

    Nices Video

  19. lestat23989 says:

    fuck galactica, after watching this show, no other has caught my attention, maybe watch a few episodes and then… leave it, just like that, with 0 interest, and that’s all your fault galactica, that level of awesomeness can’t be equaled…

  20. caliace81 says:

    Great video……..I would lik to know what music clips you used in it?

  21. cecape says:

    Good video and highlights.

  22. skinhead5 says:

    Those of you who did not watch the first half of Caprica have missed out on compelling television.

  23. DaIVIaJa says:

    you know … you never one like this for when the show ended, like a single video that wrapped it all up from start to finish. You should do one, my friends at work love em alot.

  24. abramsraptor69 says:

    after the second season the show took a bad turn and the effects got alot worse look at the space battles from season one and two then look at the ones later they are awful

  25. MrThereper says:

    alot of lame fucking going around this movie

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