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Battlestar Galactica – Season 1 – Trailer

The trailer for the first season of Battlestar Galactica. Original version. Copyright by SciFi Channel If you liked BSG, consider the Complete Series on BluRay:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica – Season 1 – Trailer”

  1. balletDancergirl22 says:

    wow this looks good just finished watching all of the stargates i think i will start watching this !!

  2. Hewkll says:

    I’ve seen all Stargate series and movies and am now looking for a new good Sci-Fi series that I can watch, I’ve decided to watch BSG, it seems from trailers and scenes that is looks more like SGU than like SGA or SG-1, amiright?

  3. GozerTheGozerian says:

    @substitute91 Dude…neither Fringe, nor any JJ Abrams show, can hold a candle to BSG.

    Fringe isn’t even in the top 100…there are so many classics, like the original Alien, Bladerunner, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Moon, etc.

    And anyone who claims Firefly is “science fiction” should be slapped and banned from opining on shows like BSG.

  4. AnonymousPanacea says:

    Save Stargate Universe!

  5. fanguk2 says:

    @substitute91 Would love to hear your thoughts all these months later on what you thought of the show Substitute91! :)

  6. fanguk2 says:

    @RubenKremer So say we all!

  7. Salmontron says:

    @substitute91 I’d also check out Firefly, one of the best tv series’ ever made, plus there’s only fourteen episodes so you only need to buy the one boxset :D

  8. mattbeatle8 says:


  9. VIDSNCRAPProductions says:

    old 97s brought me here :)

  10. captaincmorgan says:

    @substitute91 I like fringe, but BSG is a billion times better than Fringe.

  11. ceasefire066 says:

    @stormer55 gr8,,i guess i will watch this battlestar if have time

  12. stormer55 says:

    @ComradePatriot you mean the highly theoretical weapons? that rely on “old (dis proven)” physics?

  13. stormer55 says:

    4 seasons
    but season 4 is split into season 4 and season 4.5

  14. ceasefire066 says:

    @stormer55 how many seasons it has,,i mean this battlestar

  15. ceasefire066 says:

    @BendikBS u r retarded if u think star trek not advice is watch it again

  16. stormer55 says:

    @ceasefire066 each to there own

  17. stormer55 says:

    @mountainstandardtime are you talking about Caprica? i found it interesting to find out about the pre cylons and the build up to the 1st war. A truelly smart tv show but sadly it was canceled

  18. mountainstandardtime says:

    The new Battestar sucks major dick. Not even worth a pile of year old horse shit.

  19. AHE97 says:

    @substitute91 BSG is the BEST sci-fi series you could watch yes it is defenatly worth watching

  20. theojj says:

    @substitute91 Watch watch watch watch watch watch WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH.

    It is by far the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  21. knollik says:

    first music???

  22. ronin241703 says:

    @substitute91 Yes, one of the best series I’ve seen, I started watching around season 2.5 and was hooked. I went back and rented everything that came before it. You really should watch it. It was quite unique.

  23. 01000001011100100111 says:

    I prefer SGU, but enjoyed this too :)

  24. IshowFUNNYvids says:

    So So long ago that was made and yet it was the best show on tv

  25. substitute91 says:

    @bootsdog3 thanks for d recommendation. and I just finished watching the whole whole 1-4 seasons of BSG! my goodness! it is by far the best sci-fi ever made on tv! love it.
    it is so good to watch that i or even anyone, could watch it over and over again…

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