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Battlestar Galactica – Season 1 – Trailer

The trailer for the very first season of Battlestar Galactica. Original version. Copyright by SciFi Channel If you liked BSG, take into account the Total Series on BluRay:
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica – Season 1 – Trailer”

  1. solhasse says:

    This show sucked

  2. fasantupp says:

    I laugh every time they say frag, sunds so funny :P

  3. Olita70 says:

    How the f.. did islam get in the comments ? get a life man !

  4. thestegman100 says:

    i’m…so confused by the series emotionally, some episodes i love it, the character development, the plot, Giaus is without a doubt my favorite character, and sometimes it bores me to death, and some of the characters just annoy me, especially Starbuck and her…issues…seriously it’s like that sour patch kids commercial, sometimes it’s sour, sometimes its sweet…

  5. lawless130 says:

    @IslamIsTheWay2010 haha love how you take the piss out of islam hating everything your a funny guy

  6. RubenKremer says:

    @AdriasSoap As a matter of fact, I have! And even though SGU was a lot darker than SG1/SGA – it still didn’t manage to get as grundgy as BSG. Moreover, SGU felt a little like the studio asking the writers for a new series. Pointing at an opened DVD set of BSG – ‘Something like that!’ But thats just how it felt to me ;-)

  7. AdriasSoap says:

    @RubenKremer “Stargate always remained ‘light’ entertainment”

    You haven’t seen SGU I take it… xD

  8. Jimbo5able says:

    BSG was really good

  9. RubenKremer says:

    @Foxie1995 In my experience you’ll get to know the characters in this show way better than in Stargate.. however, the ‘jolly feeling’ you mentioned – you won’t find that in this series. This series has a much darker and more serious tone to it. Stargate always remained ‘light’ entertainment, this then would be ‘serious entertainment’ ;-)

  10. Foxie1995 says:

    Stargate has a jolly feeling, and you get to know the characters really well. Is BSG like that?

  11. IslamIsTheWay2010 says:

    this show is not islamic; when sharia law come to united states insha allah, this dirty battlestar show will be banned

  12. romiboise says:

    Save Stargate´╗┐ Universe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Beagle2063 says:

    What I love about Galactica are the characters. They’re so amazing and I LOVE them all.
    Tigh is a drunk, but I think he’s awesome.
    Balthar is a selfish fuck, but he’s my fraking idol.

  14. darkknight1285 says:

    @Rodmunch15 another good show if you havent seen it yet Firefly and the movie Serenity

  15. Rodmunch15 says:

    I just finished watching it also for the first time as well as the Plan 3 days ago and I agree 100% Frakkin awesome show!

  16. darkknight1285 says:

    finished 1-4.5 season on netflixs and i gotta say this show is an epic 5/5

  17. hyperbOlica says:

    @lixourius It doesn’t – That’s episode 1, it’s title is ’33′ ;-)

  18. lixourios says:

    Today I finished the miniseries and I love it .. I look forward to watch the sequel .. does anyone know why the series starts in episode 33;;

  19. RubenKremer says:

    @Damon242 Of course it was ;-) … no surprise here :-P

  20. Damon242 says:

    @RubenKremer lol that was so true. I had my concerns, but that season one finale…

  21. Daniel170393 says:

    @RubenKremer Thanks For The Reply, I will check out few episodes

  22. masteraj57 says:

    @Daniel170393 i honestly don’t even think they compare. this is original in it’s own way. it knows what thrills people and use that. watch it and you’ll be hooked. Warning: BSG seasons 1-4(incl. Miniseries) EXTREMELY addictive.

  23. FoolishInTheEnd says:

    cant seem to get into it with the cast they got!

  24. RubenKremer says:

    @Daniel170393 – In my opinion: no. The SG series have a higher ‘popcorn’-value than BSG. This series leans more to the serious side. Also, BSG has less of a fantasy/fictiony feel to it. It feels more real than the SGs. You may love it, you may hate it – but mostly there’s no middle ground.. Just try a few episodes ;-)

  25. Daniel170393 says:

    Is This similar to stargate SG1, SGA, SGU ?

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