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Battlestar Galactica Opening Theme from 1978

The opening theme song from the sci-fi classic show known as Battlestar Galactica. The show aired from 1978-81.
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25 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica Opening Theme from 1978”

  1. Notebookwriter1 says:

    @StarswordIsCool : Face it, the original just wouldn’t work today. It’s to campy, and cheesy, and the way the characters act is all just to fake. The new one keeps it more realistic while still being science fiction. There are no clear cut good and bad guys in real life. Just shades of grey.

  2. Notebookwriter1 says:

    @JAHAD007 : Amen. I agree with this statement. Back in the 70s, television was all about just entertainment, and not anything realistic. They didn’t want anyone to be reminded of the harsh realities of real life. These days, we as humans or Americans in general accept reality into our TV shows, and don’t mind to use our brains to watch a television program.

  3. Notebookwriter1 says:

    @jormacasil : That comment makes no fucking sense. This version is so fucking corny yo. The new battlestar gallactica is my shit. I’m watching it right now, and it’s more realistic while being syfyish to man. You feel me? Way better, and that blonde bitch is fine as hell. Aight. I’m out. Back to the new BattleStar Gallactica. Oh yeah, and Frak you.

  4. jormacasil says:

    @kngrtk that’s why the new one is so popular, because men today are such a bunch of unsorted gay divas that they identify themselves with the series giving the strong leads to hysterical and overpowering women that just treat them worse than dogs, but they like it, because there’s no personality or charisma in men today, and women try to be all macho verbally or by means of use of force.

  5. jormacasil says:

    @TheKingkahoona so say we all…double shite, triple shite, tetra shite, penta shite, and so on shite.

  6. jormacasil says:

    @JAHAD007 you are so right…

  7. jormacasil says:

    @neighborhoodgasman yes, she’s so manly…

  8. jormacasil says:

    @gregdchristie so you still believe in santa…

  9. evilfreddy2006 says:

    nastalgia for you old people lol. I just started watching the new ones, I’ve never seen the old ones and probably never will since I wasn’t even alive back then and dont care much for old shows other than the a-team. I have to admit I am really hooked in the new one and I don’t really like sci-fi lol.

  10. JheakrynaKyAlur says:

    also the battles are much funnier, especially in that pegasus episode

    “sir if i may”
    “no i don’t want to miss a single moment of the destruction of the last battlestar”
    “sir, battlestar pegasus is heading direct toward us”
    “what is he babbling about?”
    “battlestar pegasus is heading toward us”
    “TURN ABOUT! Before it blows us to bits”

    classic lines ;D

    Old Balthar Wipes new Balthars ass – and noone got to explain me what that hallucination crap was about

  11. JheakrynaKyAlur says:

    not really
    but that always depends on the personal point of view.
    i prefer the old one over the new one.
    that doesn’t prove me wrong or right.

    the old one in fact has some kind of happiness in it where it should not belong to.
    whole humanity just got wiped etc.
    but the new one got the drama queen award, kinda way too much

    also comes in, that the old one has the better battles ;)
    not this ‘jump out we’re leaving’ crap ;D

  12. rockinrondogg says:

    @JheakrynaKyAlur no the old one is hella gay

  13. JheakrynaKyAlur says:

    no no this is better ;)
    but the new one also has a place in this universe.

    but the new one gets los somewhere near end of season 3 and beginning with season 4.
    as did the old one in mid season 2 ^^

  14. rockinrondogg says:

    the new BSG is so much better than this crap

  15. SamusDrake says:


    Yup. And so was Chevy Chase. Man, he was more black than Gandalf the…

    No. wait…shit. I think I got this all wrong. o_O

    But yeah, Col Tigh was awesome in the original BSG. Definitely one of my favourite characters.

  16. gregdchristie says:

    @Danaratakazee ARE YOU KIDDING/??????? THE NEW SERIES WAS AMAZING!!!! not that this has anything to do with it, but it’s tied with stargate sg-1 for second place of for best sci fi show EVER.

  17. iamadamsusername says:

    @MLKKAEFEnterprises because I had no idea. I thought the only character they changed was Starbuck

  18. MLKKAEFEnterprises says:

    @iamadamsusername Why is that funny?

  19. iamadamsusername says:

    @Danaratakazee I’d have to say that’s childhood bias. True, BSG wouldnt be around were it not for the original, but it was one of the best shows of the last decade. Perhaps ever. It transcended mere sci-fi/space opera

  20. iamadamsusername says:

    Col Tighe was black? lol

  21. groovyengineer says:

    Based on a True story.

  22. Azurewrath232 says:

    @OxFairyDustxO except that guy whose comment is above yours!

  23. BionicDance says:

    They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore. :(

    I miss my galactic space heroes.

  24. Wellch says:

    @southport97 – The Hatch from Survivor is on Celebrity Apprentice. His teammates seems to either hate him. Maybe just one of them just barely tolerate him.

  25. Gamebox27 says:

    @LardInATubeSock An extremely large portion of what is produced in Hollywood and entertainment is propaganda in one form or another.

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