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“Battlestar Galactica” Final Scene (HD)

150000 years after the colonials reach their final destination, two angels walk the streets of modern-day New York, discussing the future of mankind – as a familiar tune plays.
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25 Responses to ““Battlestar Galactica” Final Scene (HD)”

  1. pakachakawaka says:

    You know what i just fracking realized?! Technically speaking, BSG is based in the past, NOT the present OR the future. This entire time I thought that BSG took place in like the year 4000 or something, but its not! Frackin hell thats awsome!

  2. the81kid says:

    i don’t see what your point is, i’m afraid. it seems like a pretty decent ending to me.

  3. the81kid says:

    one of the better epic tv series endings. often they can’t quite get it right, but i think they just about managed here. give or take a few little things (all the survivors gave up technology without any kind of question?!?).

  4. shayaan2354 says:

    I dunno about you guys, but i really liked how the series ended.

  5. TheSciFiCat says:

    @JordoF6 So a space faring race decides it will not transmit all their knowledge, culture and science to their descendants?! They will just let the entire compendium of achievements their civilization attained after thousands of years of research and sacrifice wither away into oblivion like they never had any knowledge of it? Sorry but the writers insulted the viewer’s intelligence. Even the Asgard preferred to transmit all their knowledge to the human Tau’ri before seeing it all lost forever.

  6. rgreed20081 says:

    I didn’t like the way which the series came to an end. No. 6 was optimistic about the future. The best role for Robots/Androids is helping humanity in the exploration of space. In the first Battlestar series, there were some references to a very advanced civilization. Baltar2 and No. 6 are members of an advanced civilization which is continuing to watch over the human race.

  7. JZThunderhead says:

    I got a diffrent ending.. *ekhm*

    The BS – Galactica FTLs to Earth, being chased by the cylons

    as they race towards earth trying to distroy each other, in comes the Pillar of Autumn lead by master chief riding Optimus Prime atop the Enterprise.

    They aid the Galactica, kill the Cylons and all share their research and tech and make a bad ass Robot/Human/other race. That goes on to dominate the universe

    The end.

    also working Stargate, star wars and any others into it somehow.

  8. XvxBERSERKxvX says:

    I punched my toaster as hard as I could, My house burned down as a result from the electric grill flying into my trash can full of oily rags.

  9. 93n371cfr34k says:

    @JordoF6 So you thought the Cylon Centurions went away from our Earth, never to return again? But they did! They returned! Only this time they call themselves Autobots…

  10. JordoF6 says:

    @TheSciFiCat no thats not it The survivors let all the cylons go and choose their own lives and the humans of the fleet decided to start a new and throw away all their technology all their ships were flown into the sun and they 40,000 or so remaining humans and cylon hybrids intermarried with primative humans and formed new tribes and stuff so their descendents arent going to remember anything.after 150,000 years.

  11. TheSciFiCat says:

    So they end up in a primitive Earth and somehow all their knowledge and technology is lost. Oh just wonderful!

  12. TheSciFiCat says:

    So they end up in a primitive Earth and somehow all their knowledge and technology is lost.

  13. dontworrybehappy1677 says:

    When Battlestar Galactica first aired on TV I instantly knew this show would be different from others. It had beautiful character development along with spectacular action scenes. BSG touches on many subjects and does it wonderfully. To me BSG is soo much more then a TV show. This is entertainment at its best.

  14. mattmcnerlin says:

    best show in decades, ending fantastic went out at the right time.

    only hope blood and chrome is as good. also make another bsg movie about the two angels and their involvement

  15. badger5079 says:

    Can someone explain why there are 2 Earths in BSG?

  16. DOCBETTER says:

    The first Cylon built in the new earth is a black sports car driven by a lifeguard.
    If you don’t believe me, ask Glen A. Larson.

  17. Kill0rbAg says:

    There is hope for the future?
    Because mankind is already dumb enough to curse a show they originally liked just because the story went a different way they had in mind?

  18. lendial says:

    omgggg lol i kinda wish i saw the series before this

  19. SternMann93 says:

    I loved this ending. The fact that bsg is set 150 000 years before us and their civilization had so many similarities with ours fits in the premise “This has happened before and it all will happen again”. Soon we will create our own Cylons and the cycle will continue…

  20. anus565 says:

    @MrClose2theEdge There is hope for the future! Religion is becoming more ridiculous than black smoke monsters. Haha

  21. MrClose2theEdge says:

    peoples be bitchin because the mixed religion in with sci fi. boo hoo. the threw paranormal and sci fi into lost and nobody complainded.

  22. Ryagful says:

    really? no sense? and what would your idea be to end the story? they magically defeat the Cylons at the nebula, with no help from Anders (a final five)? who’s presence at the battle was the ONLY thing that saved them FROM EXTINCTION, and so they never get to Earth at all, they all get slaughtered and the Cylons win. YES, MAKES PERFECT SENSE! and how would they find Earth in the first place? just get to the nebula and…what? it was Starbuck’s beacon that found Earth, and the nebula was useless.

  23. RAIDERS58th says:

    @Ryagful No final five. No final cylons at all. No crazy original Earth, resurrection technology bullshit story. No ghost? angel? goddess? Starbuck. No god. No angels at all. If they had taken all of that shit out and ended the show with season three and our Earth in the future it would have been great. It would have made sense. Go back and check the shows continuity. The ending makes no sense. Even if you allow for gods and angels.

  24. Ryagful says:

    im not getting how being in the past makes it worst that if it would be in the future. ITS SCIFI FOR FUCK SAKE. if they ended the series there, just go to ‘Earth’, i would have slammed the show off my favorite list. but they did a very good job in season 4, making their situation even WORSE with the devastated ‘Earth’. the plot of season 4 was brilliant, but yes, inferior to season 3, which, by far, is the best of the entire series, and as such the best fucking season of any scifi, EVER.

  25. RAIDERS58th says:

    @Ryagful Up until the end of season three, yes. After that, dear gods, it just fell apart. Did you know that the season three finale was actually going to be the first half the series finale if the writers strike had continued? Didn’t that look like the golden gate bridge in that final scene? Everything that occurred in BSG up until that point indicated that it was set in our Earth’s future, not the past. Staff writers have admitted this since the shows end. BSG was great and then it died.

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