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Battle Beyond Belief

A science fiction action adventure of epic proportions! Not since “The Far Out Space Nuts” has such mind bending, hard boiled excitement exploded from the screen!

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6 Responses to “Battle Beyond Belief”

  1. jaredcicon says:

    ‘Cat’ McGeer Hm. I think I un-der-stand……..(index finger up to right temple).

    Great job on this Crapper. Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner. When is the first episode?

  2. CrapMill says:

    Thanks Dude!!

  3. VictorQuay says:

    Wow! it’s like I’m there in space with them! Can’t wait for the full-length feature flick! I smell popcorn already! Ruckly

  4. CrapMill says:

    Thanks Unkk, I mean Dug!

  5. dugnorth says:

    Awesome intro! And that song…it’s a classic that never was.

    More than anything, I can’t wait to see the action-figures!

  6. Slapdinkles says:

    I can’t not wait to see this show!!!

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