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Barney Miller: The Complete Third Season

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  1. Hong Kong Phooey says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Don’t Miss the Hash Brownies!, January 4, 2009
    Hong Kong Phooey (North Carolina) –
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    This review is from: Barney Miller: The Complete Third Season (DVD)

    No release date yet on this, the pivotal 3rd season, where Steve Landesburg becomes a regular as Det. Dietrich. He will eventually replace Det Fish (Abe Vigoda),who officially leaves at the beginning of Season 4 to star in his own (short lived) show. There is an overused phrase used when reviewing TV shows: “This is where the show ‘hit it’s stride’”, but if this phrase could ever be used, this is the occasion.

    A wonderful show in what may be it’s best season, with it’s best episode: #11 (Hash). “By the way that I feel”!

    Season 3, Episode 1: Evacuation
    Original Air Date–23 September 1976
    Wojo is alarmed to learn that New York City doesn’t have an up-to-date emergency evacuation procedure. Fish meets Jilly Pappalardo, a young thief who eventually will star in the spin-off Fish.

    Season 3, Episode 2: Quarantine: Part 1
    Original Air Date–30 September 1976
    Wojo brings in a sick perpetrator who collapses on the floor. The entire precinct is placed under quarantine, including a prostitute who gets friendly with Fish, Marty, Mr Driscoll, and Inspector Luger.

    Season 3, Episode 3: Quarantine: Part 2
    Original Air Date–7 October 1976
    Being cooped up in the same room together, especially with no air conditioning, starts to effect the men negatively. Especially when they overhear Harris’ very vocal dreams where he seems to have a problem with everyone. The rest of the men share personal stories and conversations,while waiting to hear from the medical lab if the the possible “pox” they might be infected with is either Small Pox or Chicken Pox.

    Season 3, Episode 4: Bus Stop
    Original Air Date–14 October 1976
    A robber is confined to the precinct with his bus load of victims.

    Season 3, Episode 5: The Election
    Original Air Date–21 October 1976
    It’s Election Day. A woman, being prevented by her husband from voting, throws a toilet seat into the street to get attention. A shoplifter is escorted to vote by Wojo and then lost by him. Inspector Luger campaigns for a political crony.

    Season 3, Episode 6: Werewolf
    Original Air Date–28 October 1976
    A man claiming to be a werewolf causes a disturbance in the park.

    Season 3, Episode 7: The Recluse
    Original Air Date–11 November 1976
    A man who hasn’t left his apartment since World War II is brought in for refusing to serve jury duty. A prophet claims the end is near, i.e. 5:30 p.m.

    Season 3, Episode 8: Noninvolvement
    Original Air Date–18 November 1976
    Wojo brings in a man for refusing to help a mugging victim, but Barney doesn’t think a crime has been committed.

    Season 3, Episode 9: Power Failure
    Original Air Date–9 December 1976
    The precinct endures a power failure and a man with a split personality.

    Season 3, Episode 10: Christmas Story
    Original Air Date–23 December 1976
    Fish goes undercover to catch a mugger who’s targeting Santas. Wojo doesn’t know how to tell Yemana that his Christmas Eve date is a call girl. Luger fishes for an Christmas Day invitation from Barney.

    Season 3, Episode 11: Hash
    Original Air Date–30 December 1976
    Everyone on the squad except Barney is stoned by hashish-laced brownies made by Wojo’s new girlfriend. An actor and a critic duel with swords.

    Season 3, Episode 12: Smog Alert
    Original Air Date–6 January 1977
    The city experiences a first-stage smog alert. A potential suicide victim is saved by a graffiti artist.

    Season 3, Episode 13: Community Relations
    Original Air Date–13 January 1977
    Barney is charged with harassment when he arrests a blind…

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  2. Wally A. Whitehead says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    They Just Don’t Make’um Like This Anymore!, February 18, 2009
    Wally A. Whitehead (Round Mtn., Ca USA) –

    This review is from: Barney Miller: The Complete Third Season (DVD)

    My wife and I have enjoyed Barney Miller since it’s inception.
    We started recording each ep. when we got our first VHS recorder, and have worn out two complete taped series, then when it again appeared on TV Land,recorded it on SVHS tape again, and after we bought our DVD recorder I began to transfer all our tapes to disc.
    During that time we were estatic to see them being relised commercially by Sony, and are currently anxiously awaiting the pre-ordered arrival of the third season.
    These are great due to the uncut versions, unlike the syndicated versions which had to be cut to fit the newer time slots.
    My only complaint is how long it takes between release between seasons. I can only hope Sony continues to release the entire series.
    The writing of this series is supperb, as well as the stars, and guest stars on the show.
    The show has substance and continuity, which is severly lacking in todays sitcoms.
    I doubt there will ever be another like it in this era.
    However having the entire series from Sony would satisfy us for the rest of our lives!

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  3. ed600 "ed600" says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Show – Terrible Packaging, March 20, 2009
    ed600 “ed600″ (New York, N.Y.) –
    This review is from: Barney Miller: The Complete Third Season (DVD)

    The packaging is as someone put it criminal!
    They have stacked 3 disks on a single spindle one on top of the other.
    This will promote scratching on the disks – for thoes who like to keep their discs in mint cond. or collectable, this is not good.
    It also makes it difficult as to get to the third disc you have to remove the first two. Cheap and inconsiderate design.
    The show is great – I find the Video quality transfer bettter than the previous 2 seasons. Although the humor I find has changed slightly in the 3rd season, also the Character Chano is no longer on the show which might have changed the balance?
    If not for the case I would have given a 5 star.

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