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Barney Miller Intro

From 1983 syndication, I think WDIV had the rights for this show. Its an earlier one, Season two, I think 1976 is the year, I dont know much about his show, great theme though.
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25 Responses to “Barney Miller Intro”

  1. Hyman74Roth says:

    I LOVE this show when this came on TVLand, I always thought this was New York’s version of the Andy Griffith Show, because the criminals of NY were just as colorful and memorable as the ones in Mayberry.

  2. plumlogan says:

    My dad watched this, so I did too. I was like five at the time and the only thing I understood was the intro.

  3. curtpollmann1 says:

    My parents watched Barney Miller when I was a kid and the only thing that kept me in the room was that opening bass line.

    As of 11/7/11, seven people were not giving it up for Hal Linden.

  4. WSenator1 says:

    @swatch71 – Your dad is a smart man. (And I did the same thing he did!)

  5. Jessev1234 says:

    Thumbsup if Adam Carolla/Mike Judge sent you

  6. WeedVulva says:

    @skydogz1 i heard it was chuck berghofer

  7. bertonglacy says:

    Abe motherfucking Vigoda!!

  8. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    didn’t wojo play piano?

  9. MrBlackwerx says:

    How many people learned to play bass with this tune as their first lesson? I did!

  10. crysjumar1 says:

    @AlannTH It will funk you right on up.

  11. musicianforlife22 says:

    I used to watch re runs of this show when I was like 2… lol

  12. AlannTH says:

    Funk me thats good.

  13. handymandan100 says:

    @skydogz1 HEY! He played with Tom Waits! ;^)

  14. lanceporter says:

    Gives me the creeps seeing the WTC in the background.

  15. swatch71 says:

    Man, my dad watched every episode of this 10 times.

  16. mminer58 says:

    @janemacdonnell1 Man, what an interesting childhood you had! You must cherish those days so much. That’s why I love shows that depict the 60′s and 70′s when people were real, and causes were real, and you had to earn it if you wanted it.

  17. mminer58 says:

    @azbatz1 Weren’t they beautiful! Heartbreaking to see them standing there.

  18. mminer58 says:

    @TheMashwatcher585 Lol!!

  19. StringFever1 says:

    Love this! Made me want to play bass at the age of 6!

  20. ClassicTVful says:

    @leftcoast67 For real! These guys really looked like detectives unlike these pretty plastic people these days. Seriously how many cops look like super models?

  21. beezilla87 says:

    the funkiest theme of ALL TIME

  22. whitbyjet65 says:

    @leftcoast67 A truer word has never been said, sir! I agree with you 100%.

  23. ufuckfacesonofabitch says:

    Epic drum breaks

  24. antediluvian99 says:

    Yo, uh – uh – yo – yo, check it – I gotta… Wait, waitaminute engineer, play it back again. [achrem] Start from the top, I forgot my lines.

  25. chandlerherbert2 says:

    I love the song! Never really watched the show!

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